Super Bowl XLVII Prediction


Over at That’s Totally Tarot, a blog I enjoy, Angelo (Tarosophist of the Year 2011) just posted his traditional “Super Bowl Prediction.” While I don’t use my tarot practice for making predictions, I like his post and I think it can highlight an important distinction for both tarotists and clients to realize.

As in life, tarot is an art, not a science. And therefore, every reader interprets the cards in their own way, based on their own intuition.

Angelo’s post, reading, and prediction I think are a perfect example of this. The cards of his reading are the images shown below. The Ravens get the 4 of Pentacles, and the 49ers get the 2 of Cups. Who wins?

I immediately thought “the 49ers” but Angelo immediately thought “the Ravens” instead. So in my post, the question becomes: which reader is right? And why?

Obviously we don’t know the outcome of the game yet, but why would I pick one card and Angelo pick the other?

Angelo says,

“The 4 of Pentacles is a good possible indication of strong defense and also a sign of acquisitions. It is a pentacle which is a material card which in this card shows in my eyes winning because you receive a trophy as a prize.”

I totally see him on that. The 4 of Pentacles is a card of control, possessiveness, and blocking. That being said, couldn’t it also be seen as a sign that the Ravens will be “blocked” in their pursuit of the win? When I see the 4 of Pentacles in a reading, I often see that whatever the querent is asking about is somehow “blocked,” and the 4 of Pentacles often shows that obstacle. So here are we seeing the Ravens as the obstacle against the 49ers (as Angelo sees), or is it more that the Ravens themselves will be blocked in their quest to win the Super Bowl? Let’s turn to the 2 of Cups then.

When I saw the 2 of Cups, my immediate reaction pulled towards the 49ers because I thought “Awesome teamwork and harmony among them that can bring the win.” True, this card is a much, much “softer” card than the 4 of Pentacles, so maybe it means that they are more likely to be defeated against a hard-assed card like the 4 of Pentacles. Then again, who’s to say it doesn’t mean that the excellent teamwork and intuitive sharing shown on the 49ers card doesn’t represent a less obvious way to achieve an end result through a different means? Harmonic team playing rather than hard-core blocking and defense?

But wait: there’s another element missing. The Two of Cups is also about “truce” which calls to mind “waving the white flag.” Surrender? Other ways to express truce could be “throwing in the towel” or caving in, giving in, retreat, submission.

Hmm. Yeah, not so great for a battle victory, after all.

After looking deeper into the cards, I’m a bit more convinced that Angelo called it. Then again, who’s to say? I don’t use tarot as a predictive tool as much as I like to use it as a tool for insight and personal growth, and I’m always fascinated by those readers who like to put it on the line like this. Especially in such a fun way.

Personally I’m partial to the 49ers just because that’s my beloved Finny Knit’s team. So maybe I’m not as objective in this reading as I might like to think.

In any case, remember folks: tarot is an art, not a science. Energies are constantly changing that can modify outcomes, free will is always in play, and every reader comes from their own personal background, history, intuition, development, and study, as well as the unique way they like to use the cards. Some readers might specialize in using tarot as a predictive tool, while others, like myself, might focus more on helping clients gather information from the cards about their range of choices and the role their own personal psychology plays in their current life situations.

A tarot reading is as unique as the reader him or herself. That is the beauty of it. But that’s also the reason why clients should remember that nothing in life is set in stone, and tarot should only be used as a supplementary tool for aiding in decision-making, just like when patients get a second opinion from a different doctor or legal clients have consults with different lawyers to find the one that has the strategy that they feel most comfortable with. Any kind of service profession is an energy exchange between provider and client, and tarot readings are no different! Finding a reader whose style and approach best matches your needs can be a process of trying out different readers over time, not necessarily “shopping around” for the answer you’re hoping for, but rather clarifying what you expect to get from of a reading, and then finding the reader who can best meet those expectations.

Oh, and B.T.W.? Go 49ers!

And P.P.S. too, what is that lipstick Beyonce is wearing? Because it is killer. I want it.



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