The Fool’s Journey 1: The Magician


Ho, ho, ho, it’s magic! You know… never believe it’s not so!

As in, what better way to get you in the mood for this magical post than a bit of musical goodness. Altogether now, repeat after me “Awwww yeah…”

Seriously? I just wanted an excuse to put some 1970s music on my blog, AND lovingly put one of those songs in your head that *never goes away* because ever since I started thinking about doing this post, that damn song is on broken record repeat for me. And, also, true confession: who can resist those groovy suits and puffy hair? Good times, people, I’m telling you, good times.

B.T.W. I’m really mortified to report that during my in-depth research for this post, I discovered that Selena Gomez did a remake of this song. Ouch. Sacrilege.

Ok, ok, back to tarot. The Magician. Just by his very name you can imagine what we’re dealing with here. You’ve just jumped off the cliff as The Fool, and now where the heck do you go? Never fear, Mr. Magic is here! And that is a very good thing, because frankly at this point you need a little magic or else your “foolish” plan isn’t going to get very far.

So here we are, faced with The Magician and his little card table full of tricks. He indicates above and below, which anyone who studies anything esoteric has heard many a time before. “As above, so below.” Interesting blog post on the origins of the phrase can be found here, but basically what we’re talking about is that everything is connected, the heavens reflect the Earth. You can thank Mr. Hermes Trismegistus for that pearl of widsom (or if you want to get really technical on me, go here and learn that it’s a phrase probably as old as time itself), and for the school of thought known as Hermeticism, which personally to me sounds like a really awful medical condition, but I can assure you it is not.

Ok, so you’ve already taken the proverbial leap of faith. Now it’s time for that faith to start kicking in and doing its part. Thank you, Magician, you’re here to give us a few tricks and tips about what the heck we’ve gotten ourselves into.

When you see The Magician in a reading, know that even if you don’t physically have the tools you need to go where you want to go, or you really don’t have a clue how you’ll be able to manifest what it is that you want in your physical world, have faith that the tools are in fact right in front of you. Again it elaborates on the sense of trust and faith in the unseen universe born of The Fool and takes it to the next level.

The Magician is showing you the tools you’ll need for your journey. On his table he has a symbol from each of the four suits in the tarot: wand, pentacle (coin), sword and cup. Fire, earth, air, and water. All the elements, all the tools needed and all the experiences you’re bound to encounter. The everything, the macrocosm, which is reflected in the little things, the microcosm of everyday experience.

Ok, but enough esoteric thought. You’re like, great, but what the heck does it mean for me?

What it means is that you can start to believe in the unseen, and start to incorporate the belief that you aren’t in control of everything, and yet, hey, that’s OK. Not only is it OK, you should actually be grateful for the fact. You didn’t create the Universe, therefore, you don’t make the rules. But you can learn them, and you can play by them. And that will make the journey much smoother and more enlightening.

Know that you have the tools, the knowledge, the faith, the fortitude, the wisdom, and the preparation to make a go of this journey. And even if you don’t believe that or feel it quite yet (after all, you’re only taking your first steps), it’s all good. Sometimes we need a figure in our lives to give us “proof,” and The Magician is here to show you that everything is possible.

Oh my gosh, really? You still want keywords to help you cement this concept? Argh. Ok. I will oblige. But remember in tarot: once you get comfortable with keywords, your best bet is to try to go beyond those and weave the “feeling” of the card into a narrative. I’m not against keywords, by any means. God knows that’s how I learned, and I am forever grateful to Joan Bunning for it because I think hers are absolutely excellent. But once you get a grasp, in order to do readings that really come alive for clients (or simply for yourself), it’s lovely to be able to take those keywords and then apply them. It’s not as hard as you might think. As you’ll see once we get going on this journey, these aren’t boring keywords on a page, they are the elements that make up life itself. You’ve got this.

The Magician upright: Sheer force, power of the unseen, ability to produce “magical” results, being astounded, allowing a sense of wonder and surprise, being a lightning rod for creation and creative potential, letting yourself be swept away by the incredible, believing in the unbelievable, the potential for producing “miraculous” results.

The Magician reversed: Resisting the fantastic or amazing, trying to force rational thought onto inexplicable events, insisting that everything should and does have a logical explanation, being overly skeptical, not allowing yourself to play with energies at work to create the impossible or unthinkable.


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