David Guetta’s Titanium and the Tarot


Every once in a while I like to make a “Pop Culture Challenge” for myself by taking some song or current event or some bit of pop culture and transforming it into a mini tarot lesson.

I really like this song, I like the whole empowerment/inner strength aspect of it. Lately I’ve been on a sort of kick with songs and books that encourage empowerment and a strong sense of self. I suppose that’s because that’s what I’m working on at this stage in my life, so these ideas really resonate with me right now.

Watch the video, then see how the lyrics can bring certain cards to life!

You shout it out,
But I can’t hear a word you say
I’m talking loud not saying much

Here I think of the 2 of Wands. Sometimes we consciously shut ourselves out and away from external forces, people, and influences, as a self-protective measure. Here the woman is blocking her vulnerability with crossed swords and a blindfold. She is actively refusing to see the real situation in front of her, and in a defensive stance. Depending on its position, this card can highlight the need for letting down your guard, or it can reinforce that you’re being too defensive or that you would be wise to let someone in and to trust that you can be vulnerable and not necessarily be hurt in the process.

I’m criticized but all your bullets ricochet
You shoot me down, but I get up

Whenever I think of someone who’s been beaten down but not broken, I think of the 9 of Wands. Here we have a man who’s been battered and fought a battle, and is weary of the next blow, but he’s still standing. This card speaks to a strong sense of drive and endurance, the will to keep going despite all odds and all challenges.

I’m bulletproof, nothing to lose
Fire away, fire away
Ricochet, you take your aim
Fire away, fire away
You shoot me down but I won’t fall
I am titanium
You shoot me down but I won’t fall
I am titanium

I really like the image of The Chariot for the chorus. The Chariot to me not only represents stamina, force, power, and a command over challenges, but it also to me shows victory over obstacles. It’s as if with this chorus there’s a sense of invincibility, and to me The Chariot has that sort of feel to it. It makes me think of ancient Roman emperors, conquerors, victors, and how no matter what dangers they had to encounter or challenges they faced, they emerged triumphant in a victorious parade, known as the Roman triumph.

On the day of his triumph, the general wore regalia that identified him as near-divine or near-kingly, and a laurel wreath was held above his head. He rode in a chariot through the streets of Rome in unarmed procession with his army and the spoils of his war. At Jupiter’s temple on the Capitoline Hill he offered sacrifice and the tokens of his victory to the god. Thereafter he had the right to be described as vir triumphalis (“man of triumph”, later known as triumphator) for the rest of his life.

Cut me down
But it’s you who’ll have further to fall
Ghost town, haunted love
Raise your voice, sticks and stones may break my bones
I’m talking loud not saying much

This verse brings to mind both the 5 of Swords and 7 of Wands.

The 5 of Swords I chose because of the idea of open conflict and a winner and loser. The song suggests a battle, but an eventual win; a challenge, but in the end, a loss. The 5 of Swords for me is an aggressive card of competition and challenge, one in which the battle is waged until there’s a clear-cut outcome.

The 7 of Wands complements this with its sense of battle and competition. The song gives a sense of being constantly persecuted, misunderstood, envied, challenged, and the 7 of Wands reflects this sense of when we feel like we’re up against insurmountable obstacles and having to constantly beat back the competition. But once again it shows you coming out on top, or at least staying on top of the competition, it its upright position. Had it been reversed, it might indicate succumbing to challenges or not managing to beat out the contenders.

Whenever you see these cards in a reading, you can imagine them in the context of a fight, a battle, a competition, or a challenge. In these situations, there are usually clear winners and losers. Sometimes these battles can be inner battles with the self, or with different parts of the self. Sometimes we just have to get out of our own way in order to let things flow more harmoniously. The energies of conquest, victory, and battle are complemented in these cards by personal qualities and values like persistence, determination, dedication, and commitment.

You may have also noticed that all of the minor arcana cards were wands and swords. Both of these suits represent a firey energy and mental determination, as well as challenges (often swords) and finding reserves of strength (the energy that can come from the wands).

What other cards come to mind when you hear this song and listen to the lyrics?


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