It’s Like Tarot, But Not Really

Today’s post is a guest post by Amanda Mae of Egyptian Oracle Readings. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed meeting her “virtually.” Make sure you stop by and “Like” Amanda Mae’s Facebook page here as well! Lots of interesting food for thought there. Take it away, Amanda Mae!

I am so very excited to be writing this article. I am a card reader who has never been able to read Tarot. Now day there are many types of decks, but 15-20 years ago when I first started reading cards, Tarot was about all you could find. I grew up in a small Texas town with more than its share of churches. My mother bought me a Rider Waite deck because that is the easiest deck to start with. Things did not work well between the deck and I, and I could not make it work. My mother said I just need to try other decks until I found one that works. Egypt has been a passion of mine, longer than I can recall. So I asked for the Thoth deck. It still did not like me, so she has it now. One day at the store I found something different, The Book of Doors. My mom did not want to spend the money on something she knew nothing about, and with my luck with Tarot she was worried about being stuck with something she could not use. So I saved up and bought it myself. I was 14, I think.

One of the first things I learned about Tarot is the Major and Minor Arcana. The Book of Doors does not have anything like that, and that makes for one of the biggest difference. The Book of Doors has 8 families and each family has 8 cards in it. There is one “wild card” in the deck, called “Neter Netjeru.” This translates to the singular and plural forms of the word Divine, which how the Egyptians referred to the Gods. This cards means that anything is possible and to expect the unexpected. When it shows up it can make it hard to read, because there are just too many possibilities in the person’s life.

neter neteru

Over the years of reading it has been pointed out to me that a few cards are very similar to some Tarot cards. The most obvious being Ra 2 Shu-Tefnut and The Lovers:

Two Lovers

The two cards have the same meaning, but The Book of Doors dose not have reverse meanings to any of the cards. The negative aspects of the cards are read based on negative cards next to them in the reading.

Another parallel card is Nef 7 Shai and The Wheel of Fortune:

2 wheels

Like the Lovers, these cards have the same meaning.

Although the cards are not the same and have different meanings and symbols you can get the same types of readings. The same questions have always been in the hearts and minds of people, no matter when and where in the world they are from. Will I find love? What about money? Will things get better than they are now?

There are so many different types of divination, cards are just one form. If you want to learn more about my deck, be sure to see my blog I will be getting more into how the cards work very soon there!


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