Tarot Journaling 2.0


If you’ve been following me for a bit, then you might remember my post about the importance of a tarot journal, a practice I think is very enriching for the beginner and advanced student alike.

I decided to take my tarot journaling into the digital world by creating a series of Pinterest boards as a sort of online tarot journal. I’ve begun by pinning ideas, quotes, and images for each of the major arcana cards on boards at my Pinterest page and will continue to add to them. I’ve found this a great tool for letting my rational mind take a back seat, and allowing my intuition to pick and choose what strikes me. Sometimes simply gathering images and thoughts together can be an excellent way to further imprint the meanings and impressions of the various cards in your subconscious mind.

What tools do you use for learning the cards and allowing your mind to associate meanings to them? Share in the comments section!



  1. You’re very welcome! I’m glad you like the idea! I also always love looking at trends in my readings. I keep a written journal too with the actual spreads I read for myself, and my thoughts on them. But I figured this would be a fun activity for just letting my mind go and free associating images and words with the various cards. Not sure if I’ll do the minors…they represent such specific energies and situations that I think it would be more difficult to post random images. The majors really lend themselves to a project like this because of their overarching archetypical symbolism. Have fun!

  2. Great idea! As a tarot beginner, I find this way of collecting thoughts for every card incredibly helpful. Love it!

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