Bold Vision: Harnessing the Power of the 2 of Wands

In the 2 of Wands we see a man looking out from above, onto the shore and mountains beyond. He holds a small globe in one hand, with a sprouting wand in the other. To his right and slightly behind him, we see a wand that appears to be fastened to the wall that he stands in front of.

When the Two of Wands appears, it’s time to begin envisioning what the future could hold. Now is not the time to be timid or color inside the lines. The area of your life that you’re focusing on can be painted with bold strokes, without holding back. Allowing your imagination to run wild and asking what we call in social work the “miracle question” is what’s called for here.


I first heard about the concept of the miracle question when I was working in child welfare. It’s used in solution-based casework and therapy, and it can be applied really well in this context of the energy of the 2 of Wands: looking forward to new possibilities, not to the past for problems and what’s caused them.

The miracle question asks: “Suppose tonight while you sleep, a miracle happens. When you awake tomorrow morning, what will you see yourself doing, thinking, or believing about yourself that will tell you a miracle has happened in your life?”

Asking yourself the miracle question allows you to expand your vision without putting any restraints on what your desired outcome would look like. At this stage, you can use the Two of Wands as inspiration for a “miracle meditation” or brainstorming session with yourself, or with close family or friends if you choose to share your visions and get input from others.

Some questions for journaling or reflection that you might ask yourself, associated with the energy of the Two of Wands are:

  • If I could wave a magic wand to make things different, what would change? How would my life look? How would it feel?
  • If there were absolutely no restrictions on my situation, what would be the ideal outcome or situation? Here, you can add energy to your intention and idea by selecting tarot cards that represent your ideal outcome, or by looking through magazines and clipping out images and phrases that reflect your ideal outcome, or by starting an online pinboard on Pinterest to collect digital images and phrases that reflect your desired situation.
  • What factors of stability do I already have in place that stand beside me to support me and hold me up as I reach outwards to create a vision for my desired future?
  • What does it mean to me to have a bold, no-limits vision? How does the idea of imagining my future like this make me feel in terms of emotions or bodily sensations?

The core of the Two of Wands is to let your creativity and imagination soar, without allowing any of your usual conscious blocks and limitations to shut you down. Remember that even with the simple act of conscious and purpose-directed thought, we begin to place energy into our heart’s intentions. At this stage there’s no need for actually taking action or logically/rationally analyzing potential stumbling blocks. Simply imagine that miracles exist, and that you have the power to create them in your life. The point is to give yourself the permission to be visionary.

Please share your thoughts with other readers in the comments section about how you incorporate the energies of the Two of Wands in your life!



  1. I knew there was a reason why I haven’t been able to comment…

    I wrote this comment:

    I think whats interesting here is that the man is standing within the confines of his castle still. He has the safety net around him to think big, but he hasnt yet taken the first step. So while the visioning is very important, so too is the next step into the world and manifesting that vision.

    But then it asks me to log into wordpress and I never remember what email / password I have.

    Is there a way to make it more simple? This might be why people aren’t commenting as much?

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  2. Thanks Brigit! I think the log in “details” section appears regardless, but it’s optional. Next time try commenting by just filling in manually your name and email (if you want), but I went through and double-checked, there aren’t any blocks on to stop people who don’t have WP, Twitter or FB accounts from commenting. I think that’s just there as a convenience for people who want to use it. Let me know if you’re able to comment in future posts, I’d be curious. I tried it out and it worked for me, doing an anonymous comment.
    As always thanks for reading, my wonderful tarot mentor!!! xoxo

  3. P.S. In response to your comment how do you see the 2 differing from the 3? The 3 isn’t quite stepping out yet either, so it makes me wonder which one is more active of them. Oooh I have an idea for one of your masterclasses…going to send it to you 🙂

  4. Two of wands in my readings indicate a crossroads coming up. Opportunities and options are there, and a decision will have to be made. You said to let your creativity and imagination soar, so mixing both of our definitions that could mean the crossroads create a means for the creativity and imagination soar. Hope I havent lost you or myself lol.

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