Subtle Differences in Pentacles Energy

The card I drew today for an empowering affirmation was the Page of Pentacles. Although I interpret the cards by now from experience and intuition, I like to do web searches to get various input from other tarot experts and online sources.

In exploring the meanings behind the Page of Pentacles, it occurred to me that many definitions not only tend to overlap, but if I were a beginning student, frankly I’d have a bit of a hard time distinguishing the subtle but significant differences between certain cards in the pentacles suit, namely the differences between the Ace, the Page, and the Knight.

Let’s look briefly at each of these cards and see what they have in common, and what makes them unique and different.

First, a quick primer on the energy of the pentacles suit. We can define the pentacles as belonging to the element of earth, and all that is associated with that. For example, the astrological signs of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, as well as Yang or active energy. Some key ideas that jump to mind with the pentacles suit are: practical matters, financial matters, concrete plans, abundance, money, family, dependability, stability, organization, down-to-earth thinking, planning, action. Lots of these characteristics are also associated with the astrological signs in the earth element.

How do the Ace, Page, and Knight differ in general in the tarot?

This gorgeous Ace of Pentacles is from Mary McClelland's Star Tarot, still a work in progress.
This gorgeous Ace of Pentacles is from Mary McClelland’s Star Tarot, still a work in progress.

Clearly the Ace is the starting energy for a suit. Therefore it contains all the raw power, essence, and energy of that suit, in potential form. The Ace is everything that represents the pentacles, and nothing in particular at the same time, because it is like a big general signpost of what type of energy represents your current experience or an upcoming situation. When you see the Ace of Pentacles, you can imagine that the time is right to start thinking, acting, and doing things in a very concrete and down-to-earth way. Maybe you’ve been dreaming and it’s time to get realistic. Maybe you’ve been wishing for a financial turnaround in your situation and this card is a signal to tell you that things can now get better. The main point to emphasize with the Ace is that it’s giving you a very general direction and indication, and I always like to think of the Aces as a seedling that is just ready to sprout. The energies of the aces need lots of nurturing and attention to manifest and grow, but certainly they represent pure potential.

The youthful Page of Pentacles, here the Page of Coins, from the Legacy of the Divine Tarot Deck by Ciro Marchetti.

What then of the Page, the featured card for today? Pages are youthful, playful, full of fresh ideas and new energy. All of those qualities then get channeled into the element represented by their suit. Therefore with the pentacles, we have a youthful representative of creating material wealth, abundance, concrete projects, and all the excitement associated with that if you were to imagine that the person involved were a teenager falling for their first love. It’s expression is unbridled, uninhibited, but as yet, a bit immature. When we think of the suit of Pentacles, we often imagine that it represents a very solid, responsible, reliable and rather by the books personality. Since here we’re dealing with the Page, you can imagine this card as an A+ student, valedictorian of their class, the one who always finishes all their assignments on time and lives for the personal satisfaction and admiration gained from a job well done. Loyal, faithful, eager to learn in a very hands-on way. This Page likes to plan, organize, execute, but does it all with a sort of lighthearted approach, not a stuck in the routine attitude. This Page knows that his practical skills can bring him exciting rewards on a financial plane. He might have just received a promotion or a new job, and the excitement that comes along with a new project. The Page, as opposed to the Ace, takes the pure potential of the Pentacles suit and sees it through to action, without getting too rigid or regimented in the execution. This Page also loves nature and being outdoors. Contact with the earth and everything that represents a grounding influence is important for this Page’s well-being, and it could also represent a physically active person who loves playing sports or doing activities or hobbies like gardening, fishing, rafting, climbing.

How then does that differ from the Knight? The Knight is a bit more stuffy than the Page. He’s seen more, done more, and is a bit more cynical. He’s the one you’d imagine saying “Time is money” and being kind of hung up on rules and regulations. He loves seeing to the minute details of a project, and likes to organize things for their maximum efficiency. This is the type of person who takes delight in creating Excel spreadsheets with different colors and knows how to program in formulas to do the complex work in a quicker way. Budgeting, administration, middle management are all areas that this Knight excels in. So with the Knight you can see that we move away from the playful earthy spirit to a more serious, almost boring at times, approach. Although this Knight isn’t dashing or adventurous, he’s definitely safe and secure, and will be sure not to let you down. This is a person who would be mortified to stand you up on a date (unlike for example the fiery Knight of Wands, who might be juggling three partners at once hoping they don’t collide!), and is the one who’s going to use all their manners and play by the rules, without a lot of games or deception. While these of course are generalizations, they show that the subtle differences break down in specific ways.

To sum up, if you feel perplexed the next time you want to pinpoint the energies of the Ace, Page, and Knight of Pentacles, here are three affirmations that you can meditate on to focalize the energy and help to distinguish the subtle differences:

Ace: I have the pure potential to create and to receive all of the abundance of the Universe. I open myself to all sources of material wealth and I feel confident that I can build and organize any project that I want to accomplish, and see it through to completion. The power to produce a practical result is in my hands, and I manage all of the steps in the project, from start to finish, with a humble and focused approach. I am now called to harness the pure, initial stages of this energy and channel it into my specific project to bring material wealth and abundance into my life.

Page: I enjoy carrying out out all of the steps, especially the planning and goal-setting stage that I’m now in. I organize my work with ease and joy, and I create measurable, realistic and wide-reaching goals that I can work towards in a systematic way. I have abundant energy to tackle my project, unlimited resources at my disposal, and I delight in the gifts of nature and “getting my hands dirty” – I need to actively participate in my project and physically manifest my intentions in a practical way.

Knight: I know what I’m doing and I can now do it without the need of excessive energy. I don’t change much but I get the job done right and can be counted on to see things through. I am loyal, trustworthy, dependable, and predictable. I like rules, structure, and organization. Efficiency is important to me and I take great pride and satisfaction in the practical results I produce by executing my plan. I’m not thinking big but I’m executing my project in a way that optimizes my resources and rewards me both in material resources and satisfaction in a job well done.

Some links for further exploration of the Page of Pentacles energy:

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Shelley Ruelle is a tarot consultant who works with clients using the art of the tarot, to help them gain insights and personal empowerment in making conscious decisions and navigating the sometimes confusing waters of life. Invest in your own greater good, walk more confidently on your life’s path, and intimately connect with your higher self through a custom-designed reading by Shelley: book your personalized reading now.


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  1. Hi Shelley! I liked your insights on how to differentiate different pentacles cards. I recently had a reading where 3 pentacles cards appeared. The spread and the positions were as the following: Past: the fool; Recent past: Queen of cups; Present; Knight of Pentacles; Future: King of pentacles, and Outcome: Ace of Pentacles. Unfortunately, the reader was not very experienced and did not used his intuitive skills to interpret the cards. He was only describing the meanings of the cards without applying them to my specific situation. My question was: What should I do in order to get the money I need; or similarly, in what way will money come to me? I am going through tough financial times right now. I’m currentlylooking for a job but nothing is materialising yet (I’ve been unemployed for the past three and a half months, more or less). I also want to help my family, which is needing money for sick relatives. I can’t help them as well because I don’t have the money to do so, and that bothers me the most, since it is kindda urgent…I was looking at the meaning of the Knight of Pentacles, which appeared in the Present Position, but I do not know what it is trying to tell me giving the situation I am going through. I was wondering if you could give me some insights on this? Thank you very much in advance!

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