Top 10 Tarot Cards for Abundance


In today’s current economic situation it’s not a secret that we are everyday faced with the polarity and opposing energy dynamics between have and have not, abundance and lack, material wealth and “not enough.” While it’s true that not having a job or not being able to pay the monthly bills is a real, concrete lack of resources, by the same token it can be an opportunity to practice a paradigm shift in our thinking. When we don’t have to worry about resources in our life, we don’t question our mentality: we simply have enough and that’s that. But when faced with a tangible situation of material hardship such as a layoff or pay cut, we are given a gift in disguise—we are given the choice to see it as a simply negative, unwelcome situation, or to actively approach it as an opportunity to practice our faith and trust in the ultimate abundance provided by the Universe.

Certainly, it’s easier said than done. As I’ve said before in my post about Handling Thoughts of Lack During an Economic Crisis, I’m by no means suggesting that you simply meditate away your money worries or think happy thoughts and suddenly you’ll be showered with riches. However, I firmly believe in the power of the vibrational energy we impart to our thoughts, and I firmly believe that what we focus on, we invest powerful energy in. It follows logically that if your focus in your economic lack is a fear-based approach that constantly reaffirms your current reality of “I don’t have enough,” then the Universe will attract and respond to that thought pattern and vibrational energy by continually reaffirming your belief, simply because that’s what you are convinced of.

It takes conscientious effort to change your focus from lack to abundance. Once you begin to see your lack as an opportunity for change and growth, rather than a permanent and fixed confirmation of “I’m not worthy of having enough” or “There’s not enough to go around” you can begin to see the potential for reward and begin to open yourself to receive what you rightly deserve. Also, shifting your focus on lacking, to a perspective of gratitude for what you do have, can be an effective first step to shifting your consciousness.

The truth about the Universe is that there’s enough for everyone. There is enough, and you are enough already, just as you are, whether you face thoughts of lack regarding money, love, or any other area of your life. While a critic might argue “There’s certainly not enough for people starving on a daily basis,” I would argue that there is, in fact, enough to go around, but the problem lies in the thinking of those who have the resources and how they choose to work with them and distribute them, and ultimately in the fear that those people have about abundance or never having enough. Fear permeates both sides where there are hardships and lack of resources, and that’s why it’s fundamental to shift consciousness first before abundance can manifest. A book I found enormously helpful in working with this concept is called The Purpose of Your Life by Carol Adrienne, especially the individual stories profiled within, which are stories of ordinary people who have made extraordinary progress by shifting their consciousness and intent.

The following are ten cards I find helpful in reinforcing efforts to focus and concentrate on the unlimited abundance in the Universe. Meditation and reflection on these cards and their energies and messages can be powerful tools in your practice of inner work. I present them here in groups of two, to highlight some symbolic similarities in their imagery, colors, and meaning. Maybe you’ll find other ways to mix and match them as well.

Abundance Pair #1: The Magician and The Queen of Pentacles — Turning Personal Power into Rich Resourcefulness

Notice the similarities in these two cards: the flowery border on top, the yellow background, the red robes with white shirt. Both of these cards demonstrate the natural blossoming and overflowing of abundance, but in two distinctly different manifestations. The Magician has the abundance of the Universe all around him, and he consciously channels it into focused action. He confidently employs all the tools at his disposal to manifest what he seeks in the world. He knows how to combine both spiritual and earthly energies (“as above, so below”). The Queen of Pentacles is also surrounded by earthly abundance, but she is relaxed and confident in her position. She doesn’t need to take any specific action to manifest her abundance, as she sits comfortably on her throne and revels in the fact that the Universe provides all of her needs effortlessly.

When working with this card pair, remember that the Universe supports you and that you can channel your skills, talents, and energies to bring you to a comfortable position in which you have learned to rely on your own resources to produce abundance in your life.

Abundance Pair #2: The Empress and the 9 of Pentacles — Confidence in Inner Riches Leads to Outer Abundance

Here we have two female figures, both situated in garden settings. Again we see the prominent background color of yellow symbolizing richness and abundance. Both women have their arms raised, the Empress holding a golden scepter, and the woman in the 9 of Pentacles wearing a glove to protect her hand from the falcon that she’s training. Both of these are symbolic status symbols: the scepter a symbol of sovreignty, power and authority; the falcon representing the medieval art of falconry which was a status symbol among the noble classes, using the falcon as a trained bird of prey.

When working with this pair, you can focus on the role that confidence plays in attracting and sustaining abundance in your life. The Empress and the 9 of Pentacles both confidently display their ease at moving in a world filled with abundance. Neither of them would for one second doubt that their surroundings and their lives are unlimited sources of wealth, inner and outer, that continually regenerate at will, and they are autonomous and rely on themselves, not needing to cling to or beg from others for their own well-being.  Being proud of and comfortable with the idea and reality of abundance and imagining what it feels like to willingly accept wealth (material and spiritual) into your life is a key component of attracting the gifts that Life has waiting for you.

Abundance Pair #3: The Lovers and the 2 of Cups — Sharing and Service to Others Are Important Sources of Emotional Wealth

When you think about abundance, are you focused solely on the material aspect of financial gain, or are you looking at it in a more holistic way, seeking balance and wealth in all areas of your being? Abundance is a concept that needs to embrace all aspects of your life in order to bring both inner and outer fulfillment. How many times have we been told that some of the richest people financially are some of the most spiritually and emotionally bankrupt? Likewise, how many times have you heard it said or seen examples of some of the least financially wealthy among us being the most generous? Here we see couples on both cards, we’ve moved from a bright yellow background to a softer and more subtle light blue background, and a winged figure hovers from above in both of the cards. You can imagine that each card forms a symbolic trinity or triangle between the figure whose wings shelter and protect the couple below, all three points of the triangle interacting and sharing their gifts, hearts, and energy.

When working with this pair, you can keep in mind that abundance is not only financial but must by definition involve other people as well as a higher Source. It’s impossible to achieve abundance in an overall holistic sense without the help of others and the help of some sort of spiritual practice, some examples of which might be meditation, journaling, prayer, church service, charity work/service to others, ministry, or simply recognizing the mystery of life itself and that we did not create ourselves and are not in charge of the Source of Life or of growth. We must remind ourselves that in working towards abundance, personal power and intent are important, but no one can go it alone in this world, and we must be humble enough to know when to ask for help and to be open to receiving help from others.

Abundance Pair #4: Strength and The 4 of Wands — Attracting Abundance Through Subtle Influence Leads to Victory

Here we have the bright yellow background again, and we see flowers of abundance both on the crown and robe of the woman in the Strength card as well as in the hanging garland and in the hands of the victorious celebrants on the wands card. I pair these two because I see a direct correlation between the subtle, persuasive techniques employed by the woman who gently coaxes the lion to open his mouth to her bare hands, and the joyful victory shown by the two figures in the 4 of Wands. The figures in the 4 of Wands are eager to show that they’ve overcome an obstacle and they can now joyfully celebrate, but what we don’t see in the 4 of Wands is everything that they had to do to get there. While sometimes sheer force is required to achieve our goals, here we’re talking about lasting abundance in our life. For that, we need a more effective approach, an approach of confident but humble strength, not one that’s constantly overbearing, pushy, demanding or intimidating. Had the woman in the Strength card come up at the lion demanding that he open his mouth, chances are good that he would have been offended and overtaken her in one fell swoop. Instead, we can imagine the skill, creativity, and lack of ego that were all required to persuade the lion to cooperate, which can lead to ultimate victory.

When working with this pair, creatively brainstorm ways to achieve abundance in your life other than by brute force alone, and actively imagine the full feelings of joy that you’ll be rewarded with when you know that you achieved your goals with heart-centered intentions, pure motives, an eye towards compromise and patient skill rather than dishonest or manipulative means. There’s no quick fix in seeking a life full of abundance. You must do the inner work to achieve the outer victory.

Abundance Pair #5: The Sun and the 10 of Pentacles — Actively Seeking Joy Helps Open Our Eyes to the Blessings We Already Have

The wall behind the boy in The Sun is similar to the arched gate we see in the 10 of Pentacles, and I like to imagine the radiant sun and sunflowers in The Sun like the 10 bright yellow pentacles that are distributed around the 10 of Pentacles (which, incidentally you may note are arranged like the 10 sepirot in the kabbalistic Tree of Life). Both cards have similar coloring of a grey-blue background with radiant points of yellow light scattered throughout.

When working with this pair of cards, focus on the concept that gratitude and enjoying what you have in the here and now generates joy, which in turn attracts more joy and feelings of abundance and reinforces the sense that what you have is all you need. Many people who say that they feel satisfied and passionate about their lives will tell you that they recognize the blessings in their day-to-day existence, and don’t live for having more than they already have. While I’m not saying that you should rejoice if you’re currently jobless, or foolishly try to convince yourself that you don’t need a job and can live off of joy in life, what I am affirming here is that attracting abundance into your life begins with a sense that you already are blessed, and that abundance already does exist in many forms, all around you. I always like to point out how the only ones who seem to notice the “magical” man in the 10 of Pentacles are the small boy and the two white dogs, while the adults go about talking, not noticing the magic all around them.

Abundance is synonymous with a sense of childlike joy and wonder at the gift of life and the mystery that life offers day-by-day. Always struggling against the current, facing life as if it’s a constant battle and adversarial force to overcome, sends the message from you to the Universe that you want to work against the natural flow of abundance and that your ego is more powerful and wise than the Source that provides for all of Life. Humility, and taking on a “beginner” mentality towards life such as described in Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind, are both very powerful tools that allow us to open up to the gifts that Life wants to bring to our path.

Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for. —Epicurus

Shelley Ruelle is a tarot consultant who works with clients using the art of the tarot, to help them gain insights and personal empowerment in making conscious decisions and navigating the sometimes confusing waters of life. Invest in your own greater good, walk more confidently on your life’s path, and intimately connect with your higher self through a custom-designed reading by Shelley: book your personalized reading now.



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  2. Top 10 Tarot Cards for Abundance

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