5 Tips For When You Keep Getting the Same Card in Your Tarot Readings

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Otherwise known as: “Ok, Universe, I get it! Stop yelling at me!”

Oh man, do you all know what I’m talking about here?

Teresa, The Tarot Lady, addressed this phenomenon in her When You Don’t Like The Outcome of Your Tarot Reading. And Brigit has some interesting tips in Six Mistakes of Reading Tarot for Yourself.

But what if it so happens that you employ the (very useful, IMHO) practice of drawing a daily card, and the SAME DAMN CARD keeps showing up routinely, literally day after day?

Whoa, Nelly!

I tell you what, lately the Universe is blinking a neon sign to me in the form of Mr. Four of Pentacles. And, surprise, surprise, Mr. 4 of Pentacles just happens to be one of my least favorite cards.

Ok, folks, so here we go. I try my hand at a few pointers for when, despite all of your attempts to the contrary (ie, you aren’t purposely asking a specific question over and over and getting the same response, and in fact you aren’t even actively DOING anything to encourage this card to come up, other than randomly drawing a card a day, for example), the tarot seems to be shouting at you by way of one particular card that just won’t stop jumping out.

1. Step back and take note of your feelings, emotions, impressions. Let your mind take a back seat.

It goes without saying that when a card continues to appear for you without your conscious effort, there’s a message within that needs to be explored in ways that go beyond your conscious, rational mind. Before you can delve deeper into the meaning however, it’s important to get clear and honest about how the card makes you feel. What’s your initial reaction when you see the card? Repulsion? Avoidance? Joy? Confusion? Jot down or simply take note of the general feelings: are they positive or negative? Is denial a factor? Do you not want to even admit honestly how the card makes you feel? Start to really notice the sensations that this card arouses in you and then you can be ready to approach it from a new perspective.

2. Go beyond your usual interpretations and think outside of the box.

Seems like obvious advice, but certainly one of the first things to do when the tarot keeps showing you the same card over and over is to stop looking up the same old keywords in your same old sources. Clearly whatever message you’ve been getting from them isn’t sufficient, or hasn’t been integrated yet. It’s time to admit that you need a new approach to this particular card.

3. Access intuitive sources of knowing for delineating the message that’s being sent to you.

You’re the only one who knows exactly what’s going on in your external life at the moment, and you can surely make some rational, logical conclusions and conjectures about how this particular card relates to your external and internal environments—after all, that’s one of the greatest benefits of working with the tarot: bringing meaning to your life. But in the case of a “repeater” you need to spend more time accessing non-linear sources of knowing, and spend time with your intuitive sources. The methods are many, but a few ideas could be: meditating on the card image and asking the card what it wants you to know; drawing a few cards to place around this card and creating an imaginary dialogue between the various cards, wherein they might be giving advice to the “repeater” card that you could learn from; cutting out images from magazines that you feel represent the meaning of the card and then allowing those images to sink into your subconcious; sleeping with the card under your pillow and asking your Higher Self to bring you information about the card through your dreams.

The point here is to let yourself be creative and totally non-rational, and not self-censor any impressions that come up.

4. Ask others for their insights.

The tarot community is full of helpful and wise people, and shared knowledge can be very empowering and enlightening. Type #tarot into Twitter to access tarot enthusiasts and professionals online, search Facebook pages to find tarot readers, Google the various tarot associations to look into their resources. Connecting with other human beings about their thoughts on your card can give you new perspectives that you hadn’t considered.

5. Keep a tarot journal.

I’ve already talked about this in my post The Importance of a Tarot Journal, Brigit addressed it back in 2010 in her post Using a Tarot Journal to Expand Your Tarot Knowledge and Arwen shared her thoughts through the ATA website here.

So, lots of sources about the hows and whys. Important thing here is to take note and make a record of your readings, especially when you start to see recurring cards. Not only will this practice help to impress meanings and interpretations into your mind, because you’re now relating them to personal experiences, but at the same time it serves as an archive for you as you deepen your own practice.

As for me, I’m going to be spending a little time with that greedy-looking little bugger on the 4 of Pentacles. I think he and I need to become friends.

What cards have you had to develop a closer relationship with? How do you handle recurring cards in your readings? Share in the comments!


Shelley Ruelle is a tarot consultant who works with clients using the art of the tarot, to help them gain insights and personal empowerment in making conscious decisions and navigating the sometimes confusing waters of life. Invest in your own greater good, walk more confidently on your life’s path, and intimately connect with your higher self through a custom-designed reading by Shelley: book your personalized reading now.



  1. The Knight of Swords and Queen of Pentacles have been showing up for me regularly since last October. Since the court cards are the most difficult for me to interpret, I haven’t figured out why…

  2. I have drawn the four and five of Swords as my daily cards four days straight this week (4 on Tuesday, 5 on Wednesday, 4 on Thursday and the 5 again today). I’m at a loss. The 5 of swords is not one of my favorite cards, and it’s crazy how often this card stalks me. I’ve never had two cards stalk me all week long though…

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