Rome Street Tarot: The Chariot

A.k.a. “stating the obvious,” right? I mean, I suppose this one was a freebie, The Chariot and Rome.

Street tarot is something that I’ve started to think a lot more about since I was inspired by Enrique Enriquez (I love gushing on about him, he’s just so fun and complex and feisty) in his Tarology documentary. If you haven’t seen it, whether you’re a tarot enthusiast or not, it doesn’t matter, it’s a worthwhile watch with some thought-provoking and creative ruminations. Anyhoo, in the movie Enriquez finds tarot images throughout NYC, and I’m starting to do so here in Rome now as well.

Every morning on my walk to work, I pass right in front of these two lion fountains that flank the staircase leading up Rome’s Capitoline Hill a.k.a. Campidoglio, the piazza designed by Michelangelo with the Marcus Aurelius on horseback statue (replica) in the middle.

I know. Not a bad way to walk to work, right?

Every day I pass by this one lion, I always think of the sphinx on The Chariot card. In fact the Wiki article about the cordonata (the ramped staircase) of the Capitoline Hill calls them “Egyptian lions.”

Wait. Egyptian lions? What are those? Let’s Google it.


So here’s street tarot Rome #1. You’ll forgive me for not being able to get a shot of both of them together. Reason being, the street is like *right there* and it’s Piazza Venezia. If you aren’t familiar with Roman traffic allow me to redirect you here.







  1. Beautiful pics Shelley…you expect to see Audrey Hepburn and Rock Hudson on those steps…remember the old movie? Anyway I have been reading a long time but am perfecting my new website as we speak, thanks to inspiration from You and Biddy!…. ‘” Many good wishes Shelley and much success!

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