James Wells Talks About Tarot for Manifestation

A few days ago I had the distinct honor and privilege of interviewing James Wells about his book “Tarot for Manifestation: Use the Cards to Make Your Desires a Reality!” The book is available for purchase here from Tarot Media Company and also for purchase on Amazon, and will be available in e-book format later this year.

Tarot for Manifestation is a slim volume of under 60 pages, designed as an action-based guide that takes the reader through different practices (three “methods” and two “mandalas”) that use tarot cards for achieving both practical goals and heart-inspired personal dreams. The book contains an appendix with a synopsis chart of card meanings and a guide to well-known tarot layouts, but isn’t designed as a “learn the tarot” text. Instead, James takes an unconventional approach to working with the 78 cards that expands tarot’s usage into a dynamic goal-creation process through a holistic, action-based approach towards manifestation.

I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did! I had developed 5 questions and assured James that I estimated to only take up 15 minutes or so of his time. We ended up chatting for just over 45 minutes, and I am so glad that it extended out this much longer than I had initially planned. I hadn’t ever done a Skype video interview before, but because I had worked with James on a previous occasion as a client, I knew that this was the only way that I wanted to interview him, rather than an email exchange later published in text format. I wanted the world to have the opportunity and privilege that I had previously had, to experience his presence, his voice, and his unique way of communicating his thoughts and ideas, all of which in and of themselves have a calming and healing component.

James Wells is an established and well-respected figure in the worldwide tarot community, and as such, he is a wise and kind source of guidance and inspiration for professionals who are newer to the community, such as myself. I am grateful to James for his willingness to share his time and knowledge with our community. Please share this video with others on the path!

James Wells can be reached through his website, Circle Ways.



  1. Thanks Katrina! Yes, I agree, James brings a rich and full-of-life approach, as opposed to some of the more formulaic or simplistic ideas circulating that don’t really give people a practice with depth or heart.

  2. Creativeness is awareness. In other words, we think we discover new species, but in actuality we just happen to become conscious of its existence. It has always been there, we just were not “aware” of it. This is how affirmations work for us or defeat us. Affirmations means we are researching, discovering, searching, focusing on, becoming aware of its presence that is already existing. All things exists, it is up to us to become aware of it. Love this episode, looking forward to the next one.

    • Amy, thank you for your thoughtful contributions! Lovely! I am looking forward to the “next” one too. I need to find a willing victim. So many wonderful people out there that I want to talk to…

  3. The science of mind reading or tarot card reading, will continue to grow as people are now more open to alternative ways to better better in their lives or achieve better health. As James puts it, we need a holistic approach towards achieving our goals and desires and those who take action to understand the philosophy of manifestation will be smiling in the future. Thanks you for sharing.

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