Major League Baseball Playoffs and Tarot

I don’t do predictive reading. But if I did, this would certainly be the best deck for this particular reading (and many thanks to one of my dearest tarot mentors for helpfully pointing out the existence of this deck, for reasons that will remain forever shrouded in mystery. Please note the 1-cent purchase price. What a bargain!)

Just for the sense of play, and inspired by none other than the fantastic Angelo Nasios and this post, in which he successfully predicted the victor of Super Bowl XLVIII, I decided to draw two cards for tonight’s decisive playoff game between the Detroit Tigers and the Oakland A’s.

Both of my parents are from Detroit. The poor Tigers were never much of a winning team, as far as my vast network of kin in the Detroit area always informed me. And yet, in recent years, apparently they’ve been sort of the bomb. Frankly I have no clue. All I know is that one of my fantabulous friends is a big Tigers fan, and thus, I decided to sort of get into his enthusiastic spirit regarding the playoffs.

How did I do that, you ask? Well. I decided to draw two cards from the RWS, with card 1 as the Tigers, and card 2 as the A’s:


Well now, folks! We seem to have drawn ourselves a good, old-fashioned battle here, now haven’t we?

Oh, love. First glance had me looking both ways. Hmm. 5 of Swords, you take the victory and leave the others sobbing in your wake. Oh, 5 of Swords, you’re always so ruthless. You really give no shits about who you step on to get what you want, do you? And look at that face. Gloating, are we? Well.

Then again… 7 of Wands, you’re pretty tough. And you do seem to come out on top, beating back all those other contenders below you. You know, the 7 of Wands is pretty much cemented in my brain as what I informally refer to as “the job interview card.” I don’t know how I assigned this label to the 7 of Wands, but I think it has to do with the fact that it comes up so often in readings for clients who ask me about their chances for getting a job they’re going for, or their chances in general of finding a new job. It always shows them needing to be really “out there” in terms of their aggressiveness in vying for the position, to sort of be really vocal and tough about wanting the job, and forceful about rising to the top of the pack.

And yet. Hmm. I still can’t seem to get past Mr. “I Just Kicked Your Asses and Took Names” over there on the five. Ok, people. Time for an assist.

First, I turn to my dear magical friend Miguel Marques in Portugal. Miguel is a very creative tarot reader who utilizes certain oracular decks that I can’t even begin to wrap my brain around. Clearly, I love him. And you’ll be hearing a lot more about him soon because we are going in together on a really fun project to stir things up in the tarot blogosphere. So, Miguel and I had a little chatty chat about these two cards, and to sum it up, he says to me, “Shell, scissors beats wands, anytime!” Well said, MM. I concur.

But one second opinion wasn’t enough. So I turned to my tarot community for some backup elucidations of this most intriguing head to head.

In a very scientific peer-reviewed last-minute survey, I collected fourteen independent opinions on the matter. Nine say Tigers win. Five say A’s win. Why 5 of Swords? Because like I originally hinted at: ruthlessness. Nothing beats the 5 of Swords for sheer “by any means necessary” — and yet interestingly enough, there was an underlying sense that the Tigers might be seen as having “stolen” the game or perhaps we could say that the A’s were “robbed.” That suits me, because the 5 of Swords is traditionally a card of “open deception” as opposed to the 7 of Swords where we’ve got some looking-over-your-shoulder, sneaking around, up-to-no-good-ness going on.

And, I’d be amiss if I didn’t let Angelo himself, the inspiration for this little moment of fun with the cards, put in his two cents. Here’s what he had to say about this spread: “7 of the Wands for the win. Five of Swords = sabotage and the 7 of Wands shows defense and having the upper hand.”

So, there you have it folks. Tarot put to the use of the baseball bookmakers.

And, just FYI? If you don’t take this entire post in the spirit of good sportsmanship and tarot playfulness, please, lighten up. As I always like to say when it comes to yes or no and predictive readings between two options: there’s always a 50/50 chance I’m right on this one.

Let me leave you with just one thing. If you really want to understand the meaning of the 5 of Swords, I invite you to view this video.

Them folks is waaaay too happy about their shallow victories. Dude. Someone needs to take that 5 of Swords smirker down a notch. Poor guy crying in front of the water. I always want to go over and pat him on the back and be like, “It’s ok, man. Better luck next time.”

In any case, play ball! And, as a little pre-game warm-up, let’s take a moment to relive the A’s getting brutally taken down in the bottom of the 9th with 2 outs, when Kirk Gibson hit a homer. Yes, this particular home run was so incredibly historic that it has its very own page on Wikipedia. The phrase uttered by the legendary Vin Scully at 1:55 is akin to that of Neil Armstrong when he stepped on the moon. Immortalized forever.

[Tantalizingly inevitable postscript: Because you know you’re curious.]


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  1. Great fun. Thanks for the opportunity to ‘predict’ and ‘win’. Fortunetelling participates in both, the creation of events and in saying something about them. In that sense fortunetelling is above what we call ‘accurate’ or ‘truthful’ readings. As a fortuneteller, if you get a question you read the cards, not invent things that are beyond the cards and your grasp. I always say, read the cards, not the future, or people, or body language. Just read the cards.

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