Introducing Maelstrom

Without a doubt, the best part of my recent trip to the UK for TarotCon was being able to meet some amazing, like-minded readers. One, Camelia Elias, I had been following already for some time on her blog, Taroflexions, and meeting her in person was better than delightful. Another, Miguel Marques, from Portugal, was a reader I’d never found online and never before met in person. But, might I share a couple of nice little synchronicities with you? I arrived to the conference hall a few minutes late the first morning, and took the first chair I saw. Turned out that Miguel was sitting right next to me, and we looked at each other in a familiar way. “Hey! I saw you at breakfast this morning!” Not only had I just sat next to Miguel out of all the other participants at the conference, but we realized that we had booked ourselves at the same little B&B, in a tiny tourist village where B&Bs are more prolific than mushrooms in a rain forest.

Miguel and I share a lot of similar views on tarot, namely that of “reading the images” without adding extra gobbledy gook that doesn’t need to be there. After chatting quite a bit during the conference, he thought it might be interesting to develop a collaborative tarot blog where we might “stir the pot” and talk about our different takes on this art. I agreed.

Thus was born Maelstrom, whose debut post hit the Internet just a couple days ago with Miguel’s piece The Magic in Images. Have a read, as it’s a very out-of-the-box piece (in terms of tarot) about how images, especially comics, when grouped together become moving images, and tell their own story.

Today I published my first post on the blog, Ritual in Tarot Reading. I’ll still be posting on this site as well, but I really like the idea of a collaborative blog with like-minded readers.

I invite you to come visit me and Miguel, as well as fellow “stirrer” Paulo da Silva, better known as Paulinnhhoo. We’ll be happy to have you jump into the swirling tarot whirlpool with us!



  1. Oh, how I long to go to Tarotcon! Maybe I’ll see you there next year 😉 in the meantime, I shall certainly be checking out your collaborations at Maelstrom!

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