Andrew McGregor of The Hermit’s Lamp


Andrew is a member of the tarot community who I’ve been following with interest for a while now. He is producing consistently great content online about tarot and everything magical that branches out from there.

Thanks to Andrew’s very active, curious, and compassionate participation in the worldwide community of healers, magicians, tarot readers, artists, and fellow travelers on this life journey, I’ve been introduced virtually to a brilliant range of interesting thinkers.

Andrew hosts The Hermit’s Lamp podcast, where he’s chatted with a wide variety of luminaries on an eclectic range of topics, from Folk Magic and Card Reading with Camelia Elias to Poetry, Magic, and Ice Cream with Enrique Enriquez to Culture, Spirits, and Initiations with Mellissae Lucia to Spirits, Ghosts, and Tarot with Nancy Antenucci, as well as many, many more.

Andrew co-hosts the Toronto Tarot Portal podcast with Canadian colleague James Wells, founder of Circle Ways & Evolutionary Tarot. In May of this year he and James embarked on an ambitious project called The Trumps Card by Card, where they discuss each tarot trump from a wide range of perspectives. It’s a subscription service in which you can buy one episode or all 21.

In the recent (July 4th) 200th post (!!) on his blog, his partner interviews him about his journey as a reader.

Honestly, Andrew has so many cool projects going on simultaneously, there is no end to the great resources and information you can gather over at his website, The Hermit’s Lamp. If you’re new to tarot, start by downloading his absolutely free e-book called “Simply Learn Tarot.”

Today I spent a bit of my Saturday here in Rome talking with Andrew from inside his store in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I hope you enjoy watching our video chat, where we discuss Andrew’s transition from the corporate world to founder of The Hermit’s Lamp; his thoughts on using tarot for making predictions, his take on “how tarot works,” and what he’s most interested in and fascinated about right now around the cards, and an exciting *new* project that he’s rolling out next week!

Please share any comments or questions for Andrew in the comments section.



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