How can a pack of cards help me make empowered choices?


Hi, I’m Shelley. Welcome to Sparrow Tarot.

I discovered the mystery and beauty of the images of the tarot in 2001. Since then, I’ve continued to deepen my knowledge regarding the cards, their history, and their practical applications for personal growth, change, choice, and transformation.

My thinking on the art of tarot and its use has evolved over time and continues to be shaped by my own experiences, as reflected in my thoughts here on my site.

Tarot cards have been used for centuries as a divinatory tool: to tell fortunes, predict the future, and conjure up stories. But, one of their most interesting uses in my own experience is that of mirroring inner states of being and triggering powerful ideas to spark reflection that can lead to empowered choice-making and change.

My approach to this unique type of divination is that it is a tool to help us make empowered decisions.

What if you had a tool that tapped your own inner resources to help you navigate your next move in an empowered way? Like a road map, but for your life’s journey?

Tarot cards are a powerful visual tool that help with exploring options, tapping into innate creativity and intuitive knowledge, and digging deep for insights and personal empowerment to help get back “on track” to feeling and being proactive in your life’s journey.

In this way, a “reading” of the cards offers options, choices, guidance, information, clarity, insight, and answers that come from within.

Questions are raw material to develop a custom spread (the layout of the cards and their individual meanings) that addresses the heart of the matter and desired points for guidance and reflection, much like one might approach a blank journal page prior to writing.

Cards are then drawn through a process based on random shuffling and placed within the specific structure. The symbolic story that emerges is interpreted in the context of the inquiry, allowing stagnant thought processes and “stuckness” to dissolve as they are exposed to fresh thinking and objective insights.

The beauty of the non-controlled idea flows naturally from the completely random nature of the act itself.

What results is an interactive narrative that can hypothesize and delineate factors surrounding the situation, offer new ways to look at it, and provide information and ideas that can be used to make new choices, take new roads, and imagine what might lie ahead.

How the cards always seem to pinpoint the exact message and information needed by those who engage them remains a beautiful mystery to me—which is precisely why I love using this tool to unearth clarity and guidance.

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