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So branching out from that message of planting the seed of abundance with the Ace of Pentacles, I’d like to address something that I think a lot of us may struggle with at times, when there are new opportunities for financial or career growth, material abundance, or manifesting good things in our lives before they have happened yet.

Sometimes we face limiting thoughts that stop us before we can even begin. Here are just a few:

  • We don’t let ourselves believe that we deserve it.
  • We don’t believe that we deserve good things.
  • We don’t believe that we deserve abundance.
  • We don’t believe that it is possible.
  • We don’t believe we’ll ever have enough.
  • We don’t believe that there’s enough abundance for everyone, but only enough for a limited few, and not us.

If these are core beliefs, even if we don’t want to consciously admit it (after all, who wants to be honest and say that they don’t think they deserve good in life, or they’re afraid they’ll never have enough of what they want/need?), then these beliefs can seriously limit any chances we may have to initiate a new project that can bring abundance into our lives, as the Ace of Pentacles shows.

It’s one thing to have the Universe holding out an opportunity for financial growth, material wealth, or physical health/abundance, balanced on a hand that extends out of a cloud. It’s another thing to be able to recognize that opportunity and then actually take steps to reach out towards the opportunity, nurture it and water it and help it grow.

So, when working with the Ace of Pentacles energy, how can we learn that we DO in fact DESERVE good and we are WORTHY of abundance in our lives?

In the article Your Reality Is a Reflection of What You Believe You Deserve, Tova Payne writes:

…the day came when I consciously realized: I deserve better.

That was all it took. The moment I made that connection, I released my fear of my small paycheck and took action to improve my reality. I knew I had to take the first step and then the universe would follow and take care of me.

That belief and faith helped me look for better opportunities, which I finally believed I deserved, and put myself out there to pursue them.

I discovered that I had to do my part, and then I had to surrender and trust that whatever was in the highest good would manifest.


This, for me, expresses so eloquently a component of the Ace of Pentacles that I think many of us miss. It’s all well and good to get this card and say “Woo-hoo! Money garden sprouting!” and yet, what good is a seed of abundance planted in your life if you don’t know how to welcome it, nurture it, water it, care for it, and above all, believe you DESERVE to see it take root, sprout, and then grow strong?

So a key component then to the Ace of Pentacles and a good baseline foundation for all the pentacles cards, starts with the basics: before you can have and manifest abundance, you must truly believe that you deserve to have it in your life.

Ask yourself:

-What is it that I truly want, especially in terms of physical or material well-being and abundance in my life?

-What actions am I currently taking to support that want or desire?

-What actions am I currently taking and/or what beliefs do I currently hold about myself and my world that make it difficult or impossible to bring that abundance into my life?

-Do I truly believe that I deserve to have good in life, abundance in life, well-being in life? Furthermore, do I TRUST and have FAITH that the Universe will support me in seeking this?

Faith and trust are words that get bandied about a lot in self-help literature and New Age parlance. But they aren’t lip service, they are practices. As with any practice, you have to practice.

Start small. Take one small “risk” to trust the Universe to take care of you. Do one small action that affirms to the Universe that you believe you deserve good, or if you aren’t currently believing that, take one action to affirm that you deserve better.

The Universe is a benevolent place. Money won’t rain from the sky. Sometimes financial hardship is a catalyst for change. No one can explain why someone loses a job and another one doesn’t. But those are mundane occurrences that are often beyond our control. What we can control is our BELIEF system and our APPROACH to the world around us.

Start believing that you are worthy of good in your life. It may sound silly and like a hollow affirmation, but honestly, without this core belief, you’ll shoot yourself in the foot and then wonder why “nothing good ever comes to me.”

Here are some more sources of inspiration:

“Decide what you want. Believe you can have it. Believe you deserve it and believe it’s possible for you. And then close your eyes and every day for several minutes, and visualize having what you already want, feeling the feelings of already having it. Come out of that and focus on what you’re grateful for already, and really enjoy it. Then go into your day and release it to the Universe and trust that the Universe will figure out how to manifest it.”

― Jack Canfield

From the article How to Finally Feel Good Enough to Deserve Better by Suzanne Lachmann, Psy.D., in Psychology Today:

Feeling undeserving comes from situations in your past that have influenced your outlook or “inlook.” Does your innate understanding of who you are allow you to pursue and hold onto good things? Or have you experienced trauma, shame, loss, or other negative experiences that affect your worldview? Did you grow up feeling anger or sadness that has stuck with you and to you and blocks you from taking better care of yourself?

From one of my dear friends and BRILLIANT business mentors, Sara Rosso of When I Have Time and Ms. Adventures in Italy, Stop Sabotaging Your Own Success: A Manifesto:

Friends, and strangers reading this, listen to me:

Stop being your own worst enemy.

Stop being the force that keeps you immobile.

Stop being the cause of failure before you start trying.

The reality is, in most cases no one will be there to give you permission to act. To try. To succeed. And to fail. No one will take you by the hand and say, “Now it’s time. You’re ready.” No one will be so sure to say, “Don’t worry, you won’t fail.” No one will lay their hand on yours as you click that submit button, as you fill out that form, as you sign up for that chance, as you raise your hand.

Now, over to you! What do you do to overcome limiting beliefs and encourage abundance to enter into your life? What helps you to affirm that you deserve good in life and deserve material prosperity, and that there is enough to go around for everyone to share in?


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  1. // Your articles are always inspiring. Loved going through few of the posts and found a great relief and a feel of happiness. Thanks and keep up the great work. God Bless //

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