Creating Financial Abundance

An issue that I’ve been grappling with lately is financial abundance; specifically, a desire to achieve true financial freedom and independence. I feel unable to do so; I’m feeling literally quite trapped and frustrated in my attempts. I feel so many limitations to this goal and I feel that my hands are tied.

That’s a lot of “feeling” statements! But isn’t it so true in life that our own subjective perceptions condition the way we view and approach the world? Isn’t it true that our feelings oftentimes dictate our behavior and can even prevent us from breaking through to a solution? I can’t seem to shake the “no way to gain financial freedom” mantra and it’s driven me to look to the cards for an objective viewpoint.

So many of us struggle with finances, debt, and wishing that we had more money. I think about this a lot, and how money is really simply a tool or metaphor for achieving goals.

When you think about your own desire for more money, what would that money translate to in the real world? Perhaps when we pinpoint more specific goals we wish to achieve with increased financial freedom, we naturally begin to create opportunities to reach those goals.

I created this spread to explore blocks to financial freedom and find a way forward in the immediate-term future to help open doors to bringing more financial abundance into my life. You can try it too. I’d love to hear what cards you get and trade ideas about your interpretation of your own cards.

Here is the spread, and following, the cards I received and their interpretation according to my own situation:

1: What is limiting me from achieving financial abundance in my life?

2: How can I overcome this limitation?

3: Affirmation to bring financial abundance into my life

4: Message from Spirit

5: Outcome over the next 3 months

I decided to simply lay the cards out in a straight line. Here is what I got:

20150622_111414Not surprisingly, we see two of the cards from last week’s 5-card reading I did for myself: The Empress and The Magician. When this happens in your readings through time, it shows how you can link situations and topics together. Clearly this reading is telling me that my financial situation currently is linked to the crisis situation that I spoke of in last week’s reading, and yes, that is true.

Similarities between The Empress and The Magician

What I find interesting from a visual perspective about The Empress and The Magician is that their body posture is similar, regarding their arms. Right hand up, holding a magic wand or scepter, and left hand down: the Magician’s indicates the ground, or the physical realm, and the Empress’s hand rests on her knee comfortably, as she herself represents the physical realm.

These two cards “book end” this reading and remind me that there must be a balance between spiritual and physical, between material comfort and abundance and spiritual richness. Trust and faith in the Universe to guide and protect us, even when it comes to financial security, are as important as working in the physical world to achieve financial freedom. They go hand in hand.

Interestingly we see two of the more challenging Wands cards smack in the middle of this spread, and in fact I would call them rather “counter intuitive” in the positions of advice and affirmation regarding financial freedom. And yet, I would also call The Empress counter-intuitive in terms of what’s holding me back from achieving my financial abundance.

The Empress

For me The Empress is not only about physical world abundance but also deeply about self-care and nurturing. Here this card is telling me that my limitation is due to a lack of taking care of myself and quite possibly a feeling of not deserving to live in abundance. In this sense I’d say that the limitation here is due to “not owning” my own worth and not placing my own care and nurturing at the forefront. In practical terms that translates to a mentality of always feeling that I lack something, rather than a mentality that The Empress would have, that of being surrounded by physical comfort and fully immersing herself in the abundance of the physical and natural world. The block here as far as I see it is that I haven’t fully embraced the idea or concept that I actually can be financially free, independent, and celebrate abundance in my life. In fact, the truth of the matter is that my whole approach for this reading starts with limitation. I naturally, perhaps like many people, approach the idea of wanting financial freedom from a space of what I am missing, not from a space of what I already have and working with the abundant resources I already have at my disposal.

The Five of Wands

The advice on how to overcome this limitation is the 5 of Wands, which shows me that I need to throw my hat into the ring and stick up for my ideas and my rights, even if it feels futile or like I’m not getting anywhere because no one else agrees with me and everyone else involved will want to throw my ideas back at me and try to make me respect and hear theirs instead. Truth be told, I loathe conflict and avoid it at all costs. This card shows me that conflict, to a certain extent, even if it feels to me as if it isn’t getting me anywhere, is going to help me to stand up for myself and come into my own in terms of self-care and deservedness of abundance. It’s true that if I sit by like a wall flower and don’t assert myself, money isn’t going to simply fall into my lap.

The Ten of Wands

The affirmation to bring financial abundance into my life was at first glance disappointing, but on second glance makes all the sense in the world to me. I have been working towards recuperating some money that has been owed me for nearly three years, but to no avail because I have been avoiding “fighting” for it (5 of Wands, as a matter of fact) and because I have put my own needs to the side and favored what other people say they need, rather than taking care of myself (Empress). Now, I feel discouraged because it absolutely feels like an uphill battle that I don’t have energy to pursue. So the 10 of Wands here is telling me that I must continue to push forward no matter how heavy or burdensome it might feel. Turning that into an affirmation for financial abundance seems like a challenge, but here’s what I came up with:

I am willing to do the hard work necessary to bring financial abundance into my life, and I continue to push forward, despite the burdensome feeling of doing so and without fear of conflict, in order to pursue financial abundance for my own well-being.

Here you might notice that I incorporated both the block and the advice in the affirmation. This could be said daily or written in a journal as an intention.

I sometimes like to include a “message from Spirit” in readings where I feel particularly lost or at odds about how to proceed. Here, Spirit is showing me Justice, which makes perfect sense because I have been avoiding the courtroom for the last 3 years in an attempt to try to recoup this money without having to resort to legal action. Here I believe Spirit is showing me that legal action is my best course of action.

The Magician

The outcome over the next 3 months shows me the Magician. This card came up in last week’s reading as what strengths and opportunities were available to me in overcoming my recent crisis situation (to which the money is also linked). This card shows me that in terms of the outcome, I’m being called on to have faith in the Universe to provide for my financial needs. The Magician indicates the Hermetic credo “as above, so below” with his hands, which calls us to remember that we are only a small part of an overall whole in which everything is connected to everything else, and nothing operates in isolation. Having faith doesn’t mean sitting back and waiting for things to happen, but it does mean abandoning a mentality of “not enough” and cultivating trust that “there is enough already and there will always be enough”. Even just adopting this mindset loosens up mental fear and worry, which are tangible energies that we send out into the Universe when we focus on what we feel we are missing or lacking rather than what we have (harkening back to The Empress as well).

Secondly, the Magician calls on me to embrace my own talents, skill sets, and the resources at my disposal already. This card shows me that I already have all the tools I need to achieve financial abundance, but it’s a matter of once again “owning this” and again approaching life from a perspective of “I’ve got this” rather than “I’m helpless” or any of the other expressions I wrote in the first paragraph (hands tied, frustrated, trapped, limitations).

When we examine our particular thinking around a situation or a subject, we can reveal how our thinking might actually subconsciously perpetuate the very thing we wish to eliminate. For example my thinking about financial abundance is surrounded by all the physical feelings and words that represent the exact opposite, lack of financial abundance.

While I’m certainly not claiming that we can “think” financial abundance and money and prosperity into our lives just by replacing thoughts of lack with thoughts of abundance, what I am suggesting, and what this reading has reinforced for me, is that our beliefs and thoughts create tangible energy in our bodies and hearts which we emit into the Universe. While I certainly don’t claim to be a physicist, I do believe that our thought forms and the energy we create from them generates a sort of field around which we attract that which resonates. This is what I think of as the law of affinity. From Wikipedia:

The idea of affinity is extremely old. Many attempts have been made at identifying its origins.[1] The majority of such attempts, however, except in a general manner, end in futility since “affinities” lie at the basis of all magic, thereby pre-dating science.[2]

Magical Thinking, Actions, and Cause and Effect

Whether you believe it or not, it can’t hurt to cultivate thoughts of what you desire rather than what you don’t have. It makes more sense to me, if I want to bring financial abundance into my life, to focus on what that would feel like and what goals I could accomplish and how that would feel, producing the physical sensations and intentions linked to what I want, rather than to reproduce all the negative feelings and fears associated with the opposite of what I want.

Sometimes we go into a tarot reading hoping for an answer, but often if we are doing well with using tarot for self-reflection and empowerment, we leave the reading with more questions and food for thought. Here I am being challenged to change my status quo thinking and embody and put energy behind what I say I want.

I was reading something yesterday by Rose Ariadne, a Wicca and Magickal practitioner and teacher, regarding clients who ask for spells on prosperity, and her words ring true:

I get emails like this, daily: “Rose, HELP! I’m in serious debt… can you give me a money spell that can help?”

Most people who send emails like this are looking for an easy way out. If you could sit down, light a few candles, say a chant, and attract a surge of prosperity… everyone would be financially independent.

Rose goes on to say: “if you work a prosperity spell properly, it helps focus your mind and spirit on your goal… helps you to really believe your desire is possible… and gives you the confidence to go after it. Many of these changes occur on a subconscious level… and it may seem like any prosperity just “happened”. The reality is, it’s all you.” (Here is her “Green Frog of Prosperity” spell, by the way!)

Absolutely agreed. It’s like the egg and chicken argument: which came first? Can we make a cause and effect argument from a “prosperity spell” or a tarot reading about prosperity? Or is it merely the act of consciously reflecting on our thoughts, desires, and intentions, and then putting those into action, that bring about positive changes in our physical world? It gets at the heart of magic itself, being able to manifest results in the physical world based on rituals, practices, invocations, and intentions.

Your thoughts? Try the spread and see what you come up with. I’d love to hear from you!



  1. Shelley, I’d like to make a comment on your reading. I heard your pain of not being confident in gaining financial abundance and while I agree with your interpretation I would like to add a few extra thoughts.

    You seem overwhelmed and deflated by recent events and, as you yourself said, you are reading this situation and spread from a position of lack.

    I will only comment on the Five of Wands, in the position of advice, as I think it is the most important position/card gives an action rather than an understanding.

    From my experience the five of wands can be seen as scattered energy and from what you wrote this has definitely has been you of recent. There are so many things going on for you, your passion, enthusiasm, motivation and energy has been diverted to so many other areas.

    If you look at the five of wands the people here are failing to work together ..if everyone actually worked together they would make a pentagram( which is the symbol on the Pentacles! This is not here just purely by chance, it is here as a sign to you, a realization for you!) And it is within your grasp.

    These five wands could be the many different aspects of where your abundance can come from, not just the one major thing you had first imagined. ( As you mentioned in your interpretation of your spread)

    These five wands maybe are resources available to you, that you need to draw together.
    Everything is there for you all you need to do is harness it.

    These five wands can also be people who may have been giving you ideas, support, advice about how to proceed for abundance, draw on these ideas, evaluate and develop or discard them.

    The number five is often seen as a number where change is required….so the message for you is, change this situation, change your attitude, change your belief, and thus change the outcome. Take control?

    Harness your motivation, enthusiasm, passion, energy and apply that equally to each of the different areas you have identified as possible money earners.

    Apply it to seeking justice.

    Truly believe that it will happen and it will, perhaps not in the way you might have imagined but the Universe works in its own pace and in its own way.

    Surrender control to the Universe. Trust. Believe.

    Learn to appreciate and be grateful for yourself and your capabilities. Success breeds success. If you feel you have achieved some financial gain be truly grateful and this will attract more into your life. Embrace the law of attraction theory. It works!

    I wonder if this maybe is one of your lessons to learn in this life!

    I hope my thoughts do not add any more worry to your life but I offer them as a means of hope, of promoting change within your self belief and confidence.

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