The Game of Lessons for the Soul

Yesterday I was at the Sunday market in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. The clack-clack sound of old-school typewriters was wafting through the air, together with the smell of fried goodies and fresh flowers. This is what I saw:


Coolest thing ever. My friends asked me: what would your topic be?

We had a few ha-has joking about Italian men and some choice adjectives for potential topics (we had had a nice long chatty at brunch about my Adventures in Dating), and then we threw out some jokey topics that people might suggest to these modern-day bards: pets, bubbles, pets named Bubbles.

But after all, in homage to my tarot poet teacher (see here, here and here), what better topic than “The Tarot Reader”?

I sidled up and told my orange-typewritered-versifier that I had a topic. He told me “10 minutes.”

And this was the result:


Read to me, on the spot.

So if you’re ever at the Ballard market, might I suggest you too name your topic, name your price?

Thank you, Trip.




  1. i am also a counsellor who utilizes tarot as well as archetypes in the practice i do. i have had some amazing results from taking a unique approach with clients to individual imaging into tarot cards. tchouki

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