Tarot and Divination as a Spiritual Tool for Growth


As many of you know, my magical friend and colleague, Sherry, runs White Cloud Psychic Tarot with her equally lovely and magical partner Kane Barkham, from the Land Down Under. I interviewed them both at the beginning of this year.

Sherry and I have had some fun experiences in comparing notes on our readings, which always end up delivering the same core messages to our clients, despite the fact that we never communicate about our joint clients ahead of time. It’s been an amazing and delightful journey. (Read “Two Readers, Two Perspectives, One Message“)

Sherry has invited me to guest post with her for a while, and as this past year was nothing short of traumatic for me, I haven’t been able to take her up on that invitation until now! And I’m happy to say so (also because it means, *fingers crossed* that I’m also coming out of the icky-but-transformative whirlwind of this year. Which, of course, Sherry and Kane had told me in a personal reading back in January was going to happen, oh—right around now, as a matter of fact! Thanks, lovelies, and thanks, upstairs! Trying is believing).

So, will you join me, and maybe even bring a nice cup of tea with you, over yonder on their website?

Here’s a sneak preview as you put the kettle on: (just throw some ice in if it’s still summer hot like here in Rome)

When people go for a reading, whether it be with a psychic or tarot/oracle reader or a combination of the two, they may expect to get concrete information about future developments, possibly even some accurate predictions about what they can expect to happen in their lives in the near or long term.

Will he/she come back to me?
Will he propose?
Will I get the job?
Does she/he really love me?
Can I trust him/her?
Where is this all going?

After all, when someone “reads” to you, it’s implied that you are simply a passive receiver of the “story”.

As such – almost like a child during story time – some people believe that their role as a client receiving a reading is to be an attentive “audience member” listening to the story of their life and how it will most likely unfold and develop regarding the topics that concern them.

It’s almost as if this type of client is paying to have the novel written about them read to them in advance, so that they can prepare for when it actually takes place, with the belief that somewhere, somehow, their life has already been ‘written’ for them.

Following that line of thinking, it’s naturally assumed that the client has no control over the delicate unfolding of their life and its unique future; hence why first-time clients are usually so “scared” of readings, proclaiming things like, “Don’t tell me anything bad that’s going to happen to me!” or one of my personal favourites, “Don’t tell me if I’m going to die!” to which I respond with a smile, “Everyone’s going to die, you don’t need a reading to know that.”

The idea in this approach is that since it’s all pre-determined, after all, then luckily there’s the “reader” who alone is equipped with a mysterious and nebulous “gift” that can unlock the keys to this mysterious thing called fate that determines our one chance at happiness or struggle. Right?

To read through to my thoughts about what makes tarot and divination a spiritual tool for growth, click through to the post:




  1. Hey Shelley,

    These are my concerns as well. In counseling, we would call this “Leading vs. Following” the client. The idea being that when a client takes responsibility for their own insights and choices, it is an empowering experience that creates building blocks to their being able to develop more confidence and self-esteem in their life.

    This, in turn, leads to the issue of dependence vs. independence. What better way to create a thriving repeat business than to have clients dependent upon you and your “answers” to the above questions?

    Of course, things are not always at these extremes and there can be a blending of both. My preference is to ask, is this useful and is it empowering for the client? And as I am famous for asking, “Whose reading is it?” In other words, who benefits from your style of reading? Does the reader feel empowered by being “right” or predicting accurately? Does this need trump the client’s best interest?

    Great discussion topics, Shelley! Thanks for bringing these issues to light.

    In Spirit,

  2. Hi Katrina,
    Make sure you click through to the rest of the post over on Sherry’s blog, if you didn’t already!!

    Yes, I’ve always been very very wary of readers who profess to be anything more than simple message interpreters. When readings are useful and insightful for clients, they can become convinced that the reader has a “gift” when in fact, divination is a tool open to anyone, in my opinion, who has the right heart-centered approach and correct intentions. Creating dependence isn’t necessary in order to build a thriving repeat business. I have a wonderful community of return clients who come back when the spirit moves them to delve a bit deeper. It’s a partnership and shouldn’t be a business proposition. Just my two cents. Thanks as always for reading!

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