Love Life Part 2 – Client Feedback

After I performed my video reading for the client who asked about their love life (watch video here before reading below), I contacted the client who originally sent in the question to ask for her feedback on the reading.

Here’s what she had to say:

My breath has been taken away :0…

Well, I am in two relationships. I’ve built a life with one, but my heart isn’t there – my heart is with the other.

The one I built a life with, pretty much we got distant way before this new one came along.

Well, long story short, the new one and I had gotten close, but this year it’s completely different. I guess he got tired of waiting and I have tried to walk away but I can’t.

I even tried to walk away from the main one, but I can’t do that yet because of our kids, and I’ve continued my education, so financially I can’t either.

I think the 2nd and the 3rd card definitely hit the spot. I do feel exactly like the 2nd card.

You’ll recall, this was the 8 of Cups. See how the cards nailed it, even without me knowing absolutely anything about this woman or her situation?

This is a good reminder to card readers to simply call it like you see it, without adding anything else. Let the cards tell the story. You just be the channel for delivering it.

As for card 1, I do have everything I need with the one I built my life with, I’m just not happy anymore. But I don’t show that I’m sad; I’m very good at hiding it.

This is an interesting point to note regarding Card 1, which was the 6 of Wands. Here you can see the subtlety that I brought up at the end of interpreting that card, when I mentioned the large sheet draping the horse. It hints at something being covered up or possibly “tripping up” the victory parade. So, while this card is an indicator of triumph and even leadership and setting an example, with this feedback we can see why there’s such a stark contrast between card 1 and 2 in the reading and how it might possibly be a show rather than an authentic display of what’s really going on underneath.

There was more feedback, but this gives you a general idea. It helps us complete some of the questions that might have been left hanging by not knowing the specifics of the situation at hand.

If you’d like a video reading, or a different type of reading, click here.


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