video When Will I Meet The One?


This week’s video reading question is:

When will I meet a man that I’m compatible with?

This question brings up my particular style of reading for timing (namely, I don’t).

In this video I dig deeper using the question and the additional information provided by the querent to develop a spread that goes to the heart of the matter. The cards respond by giving some ideas about what must be done before meeting the man can happen; or, seen from another angle, in order to meet the man.

The reading answers the timing question, but not in the way that we might expect a “when” question to be answered. We often expect a specific, linear time as an answer—in three months, next year, in the spring. Instead, my style of reading shows the querent qualitative (as opposed to quantitative) aspects that need to be addressed, as in: When? “When/or after you do X, Y, Z ” according to the message in the cards.

A multifaceted story here, and one that highlights my reading style’s focus on personal responsibility for creating desired outcomes, as opposed to delegating agency over to mystical forces who somehow determine our future.

I received some lovely client feedback after posting this article (after which, you’ll find my previous comments regarding not having received feedback, which also touch on important distinctions in this type of reading).

You did a great job on my personal reading! I believe you are correct concerning the advice that I do need to look within to be more clear on what I truly want and need in a relationship.

This client went on to explain some more specifics about her particular love life situation at present, and how in fact she is in a process of re-evaluating what have previously been her “standards” or expectations regarding what she’s always looked for in a partner. She also explained how, in fact, life is currently presenting her with other opportunities to see men (and by extension potential partners) in a new light.

So, once again the cards have provided a useful and insight-provoking reflection of a current situation in the client’s life. The images and themes on the cards, as well as my particular style in reading their story, brought those issues and opportunities into sharp relief so that they can be consciously worked with and used to the client’s best advantage, leading her on the path to untapped potential in future relationships. In fact, she wrote:

So, I guess I have learned some important things about myself and my judgments.

I was also pleased to read the following comment; although it wasn’t expected, it validated for me that my particular method has value for my clients:

I think the reading was more advantageous without the specification of a time frame. 

Prior to receiving this feedback I published the post with the following comments that speculated about how a client might not have been satisfied with an answer that didn’t provide a specific timeframe. I leave them in this post as a way to further clarify how my method differs from others.

I want to specify that I have no qualms or judgements about readings that are performed in other ways (specific predictions, etc.) — but I make a point to go in my own direction because my goal in working with the cards is to make sure they always service my clients’ free will, potential and personal responsibility in co-creating with the Universe.

I strongly believe that we are creative beings who grow spiritually when we are actively engaged in the issues and challenges that Life presents us with. My way of working with tarot gives clients a point of contact with this spiritual side of personal growth and a way to partner with the Universe in moving forward and through Life.

A few notes on why I modified the original question:

With paid readings, I generally redirect clients who want answers on timing to other readers, because my method doesn’t lend itself to that type of reading. However, with the free video readings, I use the exact question that comes through, because the questions as written serve as catalysts to clarify my particular method and style of reading.

This brings out both my strengths and weaknesses in terms of what some clients are looking for. It is neither good nor bad: what it does is help elucidate what type of client will and will not benefit from my particular style. It’s about finding the right reader/client fit. For as many questions that are out there, there are as many readers who are suitable for one type but perhaps not another type.

So, as it pertains to my particular view on the art of tarot, this speculation also highlights the importance I place on how to form a question as well as non-attachment to outcomes.

If you’d like to work with me and receive a video reading, or a different type of reading, click here.



    • No, in fact, a big thing about forming a question is also to be careful not to put in some “presuppositions” that sort of pre-determine a specific outcome. “When will I meet a man/woman/the one” pre-assumes that it will happen. While I don’t think anyone is denied the possibility of meeting someone special, I do take issue with an idea or concept that there is only “one” right person. (And in fact that’s not how this querent worded it, but how I put it in the title of the post to express a certain idea.) Thanks for reading, Tiffany!

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