Using Tarot to Choose Between Options

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In this week’s video reading, I pull three cards to give a client information about three different options that she is facing in terms of her parents’ care in an assisted-living facility.

What’s fascinating here—although the cards always seem to do it—is that even without any background information or details about the three possible options, the cards that emerged highlighted quite specifically the various issues underlying each of the choices. That became apparent in the client’s post-reading feedback, which you can read below, following the video.

To watch the reading as it happened, click below (or click here if you’re reading this in an email and don’t see the video screen).

Here is the client’s feedback regarding this reading:

Wow.  I wasn’t sure what cards would come up for this reading, but they and your assessments were spot on. Thankfully the last card wasn’t also a complete downer, but as you might guess, though there are “options,” none are entirely appealing in such a situation.

Your take on the first two cards indicating confusion and continuation of it regarding my parents’ care is correct. There is a sense of being kept out of the loop or better care thwarted, when care is ordered or changed (Moon).  That there would be more restrictions with option two (Devil) is also right. One parent would move into the other’s tiny room, in a more skilled and stricter environment. Upon moving my parents to the current place, unpleasant, hidden things were revealed. I felt manipulated by some of the staff to move them to the second option, because it was known that my parents wanted to be together, at a steep financial increase.

Because I am now aware of these issues, I’ve been able to ask more direct and intelligent questions of the new facility (Ace of Swords). I was concerned they would not take one parent due to advanced needs, but they can. I do feel the best decision is option three, to move my parents to a new facility, and change physicians to someone I know and trust will be a team player with their specialists. As you said, the Ace of Swords indicates a clean break and a breath of fresh air. I have thought long and hard about moving them, but I do feel hopeful and lighter knowing this option exists.

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