video Can We Become More Than Friends?


Today’s video reading comes from a client who says: “After a long time being single, I have met a guy I feel very connected to and I like…I wonder if there is a chance this friendship will develop into a relationship in the future?”

In this reading I chose two cards to open up the question, to go beyond the type of reading which assumes a pre-determined future. This approach allows the cards to pinpoint for this client where the real questions and issues are, so that she can live her situation from a place of empowerment rather than helplessness.

Cards are great tools for changing our perspective from one of “what will happen to me,” in which we must simply wait on the sidelines as some unnamed force unfolds our life’s path for us, into a perspective of “what do I need to know and what choices can I make here to move forward in the way that feels most authentic for me,” where we are co-creating with the Universe and the opportunities we have, triggering growth.

After the video, scroll down to read the client’s detailed feedback, which will help you to see how the cards got to the heart of the matter.

Click here if you are reading in an email and can’t see the video link.

Here is the client’s feedback following the reading:

Thank you very much for the time and the energy you put into the reading you have done for me. Your insights were very deep and you were able to read into my question with a deep intuition and an open heart. I really appreciate how you transformed my question – that I realized it was possibly more fear based – into a much richer and broader question, that made me feel more empowered and reminded me about the high power of self-discovery that the art of tarots is.

Regarding the cards you have picked:

1) The Lovers – what you pointed out, about the fear of losing the friendship or somehow losing something of the actual state of things is actually probably the main reason why things are moving slowly indeed. I never thought about this in this way, but when I heard your interpretation it made absolute sense and it resonated on a deeper level. We both are very independent people who treasure freedom and haven’t been in a relationship for a while. I think we are both bringing on some ideas based on our past experiences that make us very aware of what is “at stake” if we move forward and therefore we linger in a sort of limbo.
2) Page of Coins – when I saw this card I was speechless! I have checked and actually I had not mentioned this in my previous email, but yes, the guy I was thinking about works with me! We are both employees of the same institution and somehow this has also not really helped this situation because our team is quite small and I think we both feel the pressure and the gossip of other people around us. We have no project in common at the moment, but we definitely understand each other very well on a “material” plane and I think we are both very good at sustaining each other when things are difficult. I feel really stuck in my work position and am currently focusing myself a lot on finding a new job (which I feel would help also regarding this situation) so maybe that’s the reference you were mentioning in the video.

Your reading was very thorough and in depth, you have proven to be a very intuitive reader (as when you have guessed the person I was referring to is in fact a work colleague of mine) and a very gentle and compassionate one.
Thank you very much for these insights, they have been really valuable and will help me to consider this situation from a different and a broader perspective.



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