Tarot Reading for New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo


Today I ran across a great post at the astrology blog Urania’s Well, Know Thyself: New Moon Eclipse in Leo. This total solar eclipse is getting a lot of attention here in the U.S. and for good reason, given that the last time a total eclipse was visible from coast to coast was back in 1918.

In her post, Diotima Mantinea says: “an eclipse in Leo brings the need for personal reflection.”

This, and other thoughts in her writing on the eclipse in Leo, resonated with me. It does feel like a good time to step back and ask ourselves what we need to recognize and be aware of within. Our task as spiritual beings is to bring our unique qualities forth from inside and share them with the world. If we don’t know ourselves well enough to understand what it is we are each called to share as an individual, we can stagnate.

One of the great joys and benefits of reading the cards is the self-knowledge you can gain through asking the cards for information about yourself and your path.

Here is a spread you can perform now, as part of this process of the new moon eclipse in Leo, or anytime you want to get in touch with your Higher Self and reflect upon where you’re at and where you’re headed.

  1. What part of myself/Higher Self/Soul is calling for recognition at this time?
  2. How can I honor this calling?
  3. What part of myself is calling for closure and completion at this time?
  4. How can I honor this closure?
  5. Message from Spirit for me to focus on now

Once you draw cards for each of these questions, take time to look at the images and record your thoughts and impressions in your tarot journal. Then, if you feel you need further clarification or guidance, you can look at books or online meanings to supplement your own reading of the images. It’s important to record your own impressions first, as this is how you’ll build confidence with the cards as well as learn to trust your intuition.

The blog post I referenced suggests this is a good time to engage more actively in your personal spiritual practice for insight and guidance in a time that can feel unsteady or out of control. This can be as simple as a silent prayer or meditation and as elaborate as working with an altar to a deity.

You can use the card that appears in position five as a jumping-off point for this work. Take the energy and messages represented to you in that card and come up with a practice that can develop them further. Perhaps you write an affirmation focusing on the message in the card, or a journal entry dedicated specifically to reflecting on the card’s (Spirit’s) message for you. You could even ask for a dream message related to the card and sleep with the card under your pillow.

For example, I used the Thoth deck in my reading, and card five reiterated the gist of the messages I received in the previous four cards. It was the Queen of Swords, who I have seen several times from different decks in readings for myself over recent months:


As a message from Spirit, this card is emphasizing the need to cut down what is no longer useful, as well as use rational, intellectual reasoning to make decisions, rather than relying on emotions, which can sometimes be misleading in terms of enacting effective choices. As an affirmation for this card, I could say: “I now draw my sword against anything that seeks to deceive me from perceiving and accepting the truth, and I take no prisoners in my dedication to expressing myself authentically.” Use the images in the card (in this example, the cut-off head to represent “take no prisoners”) to help you develop your writing.

Your cards can be a tool during this new moon eclipse in Leo to help you consciously delve into your relationship with Self and to uncover any unconscious impulses that want to come to the surface at this time, so that you can shine and express the unique gift that is YOU with the world!



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