Financial Magic: Coping With Money Triggers and Emotions


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[This post is part of a blog hop on financial magic. All of the posts in the “hop” are written by my magical colleagues who are part of Jason Miller’s Strategic Sorcery Course and the associated group. Jason has also written a book on Financial Sorcery and hosted a free webinar called Strategic Sorcery for the Financially Stuck.  Enjoy!]

There is deep-seated emotional baggage that surrounds money for many of us, and divination can help us in working to overcome the underlying forces that often hold us in unproductive patterns. As with any magical effort, the holistic aspect is important and we mustn’t forget mundane influences when we make efforts to create changes in our lives.

By way of introduction, here is my financial context: I am a divorced, single, working mom of three elementary-aged kids. I work two jobs. I am the primary caregiver for my kids and have no in-home help nor a nanny or babysitter (can’t afford). I have a hand-me-down car that’s 16 years old and the bumpers are falling off (can’t afford to have them fixed, yet). I have three categories of back bills that I’m slowly working to catch up on (municipal garbage tax, school cafeteria, and apartment building fees). I don’t know yet if I’ll have enough money in the bank to pay my income taxes come April. I have no savings. I have a monthly budget so finely tuned that I usually make it to within less than 10 euros by the time the next paycheck arrives. I could go on, but you get the picture: money is not flowing in abundance in my world right now, and it hasn’t done so for a long time.

On the flip side, let me say that I and my family are, thankfully, in great health. There’s an abundance of love in our home, and the space we live in is a blessed place full of helping spirits. We have loving extended family and a spectacular support network of friends, school colleagues, and a fantastic neighborhood. My two home-based day jobs, as a writer, are exceptionally well-suited to my complicated lifestyle. Writing is what I’ve always loved to do, so I feel blessed to be able to do what I love as a job. I have never been particularly motivated by money. I’m not inspired by ideas on how to better monetize aspects of my life that I do for fun or passion or service (i.e., really building up my side-gig tarot business to the so-called “six-figure passive income” some other online practitioners rave about and espouse). Despite all these non-money positives, I recognize that some extra money in the bank wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Let me rephrase: some extra money in the bank would be a very welcome and good thing.

Mundane assessments in the context of financial magic

These two assessments are an important first step when it comes to financial magic. Many of us might want to dive right into magical workings. However, taking a realistic baseline of current financial reality as well as doing a bit of emotional housecleaning on a mundane level is time well spent before starting in on the spiritual aspects.

Self-awareness is a key skill when it comes to divination, magic, and probably most other occult practices. The clearer you are about yourself and your triggers, baggage, and outlooks, the more directed you can be with your efforts. That’s because you won’t be clouding the proverbial magical stew with all sorts of extra stuff that can’t help (and may even hinder) the end result.

Awareness of emotional triggers when it comes to money

Before beginning any sort of journey in terms of enchanting for improved income or lifestyle, it helps to understand where you’re currently at in terms of your emotional baggage around money. I’ll give you an example for context.

Given my current financial situation, you can imagine I’m a bit sensitive when it comes to people who have more money than they know what to do with. I can’t relate. But I do have friends in this situation. Friends who have high-paying jobs who talk about their struggles in trying to not overspend, and the difficulty they face in having to reign in their spending on frivolous things, on superfluous extras.

This is a trigger for me. I find anger and resentment and frustration and desperation and no small degree of envy all welling up inside when I try to muster “sympathy” for a friend who has to go on a “spending diet” and consciously try to limit purchases in an effort to determine if the things they’re buying are actually worthwhile or not. Meanwhile, I picture the sad strip of silver duct tape holding my car’s front bumper on. That sucks. I’m pissed.

Divination to determine where you’re at

Did you see all those pesky little emotional adjectives I put in bold? Anger. Resentment. Frustration. Desperation. Envy.

Ew. That’s a lot of stuff there, yes? Simply comparing myself to someone who is experiencing financial abundance stirs up all THAT inside of me. While it ain’t pretty, it is absolutely helpful to know in terms of magical work.

Why? Because if you go into a magical pursuit in enchanting for improved finances lugging all that into the mix, well—it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that you’re adding some stuff that isn’t going to help.

Divination can help you get a baseline assessment of where you stand, before you attempt any sort of financial magic. Think of it like taking your temperature to see if you need to stay in bed for a while (read: work on your own stuff) before you start lighting candles and making powders and calling on the gods and chanting stuff.

Tarot readings for finance, wealth, and abundance

I propose two readings you can perform before you devise a magical strategy around improving your financial situation. The first is to determine your starting point. This can help you decide whether you’re ready to start enchanting or whether you might need to do a bit of housecleaning first. The second is to get guidance regarding how to best proceed in terms of your magical efforts.

Financial Housecleaning Tarot Spread

1: What best describes my current outlook in terms of financial abundance?

2: Is this outlook helping or hurting my ability to accumulate financial wealth?

3: What can I do to heal and clear out my current baggage regarding financial abundance?

If you are already relatively clear in terms of your emotional baggage around money, these cards will reflect that. If not, same goes—the cards will pinpoint where you can clean house and how to move forward.

Here are my cards as an example:


A couple things I’d like to point out first. Note the similarity in colors between the three cards that emerged here. There is a monochromatic sense of beige/tan, muddled light blue/gray, with hints of gold coming from the cups and the light in the Hermit’s lamp. Clearly, around money I am in a bit of a muddy fog despite the fact that gold can emerge.

Secondly, note the abundance of cups. There is a lot of emotion around money for me. While these particular cards don’t necessarily seem to indicate dire straits when it comes to money, they point to an emotional perspective that needs a bit of introspection before moving forward; the need to get clearer.

The Seven of Cups is the quintessential card of illusions and building castles in the sky. Since this card is describing my current outlook in terms of financial abundance, it tells me that I haven’t yet gotten concrete about what’s actually possible for me on a material plane in terms of wealth-building. What’s more, it shows I don’t even particularly know what I want to attain. The Seven of Cups is about reaching out for choices that might just vanish once we put our hand out towards them. That’s because we may envision or dream of possibilities that may not be possible for us to actually manifest at the current time in the real world. (Hence the need to recognize and be fully aware of our limitations in the context of enchanting, especially in terms of real-world practical restrictions when it comes to money making and wealth building.) It’s also about a sort of dreamy, visionary, imaginary scenario where we are more “head in the clouds” than we are “feet on the ground.” I’d agree with the assessment of this card in terms of showing me as wanting more, but not quite clear about what I’m willing to actually do to get there, and not even necessarily yet being realistic about what’s actually possible.

The Hermit, especially as he is shining his lamp on the Seven of Cups here, is showing that the lack of clarity isn’t helping the situation. In fact, he’s lending his lamp to shine the light on this fact and encourage me to “go within” to get that clarity. In this context, The Hermit is also reinforcing the idea that it’s helpful to assess my financial situation based on my own inner values and needs rather than looking at other people or other situations (as shown by the myriad of jewels, wealth, and options in the Seven of Cups).

In the end, what’s important to us in terms of our own finances is what matters—not what other people struggle with, want, or tell us we should want. In a consumeristic society, this tenet often gets lost, especially on those who aren’t necessarily motivated or driven by money (yours truly, for one).

The King of Cups here is the suggestion for how to heal and clear out emotional baggage around money. It’s a bit of a paradoxical solution, because as the King of Cups, he is basically the lord and ruler of the emotional sphere. But therein lies the guidance. Because he has mastered his own emotions, he knows how to measure them, assess his emotional reactions, and also how to emotionally detach when the situation warrants it. In this context, the King of Cups is encouraging increased emotional maturity when it comes to dealing with finances, and increased emotional detachment rather than a “woe is me” outlook. The imagery of fish in the sea and his cup suggest that abundance can be had if you cast your net wide, but there must first be a mastery of the terrain at hand in order to navigate it (note small sailing ship in right background).

Tarot Spread for Directing Financial Magic

You can perform this second spread before you employ any specific strategies for wealth-building, in order to assess how to best proceed.

1: In what area should I focus my financial magic at this time?

2: What can help me achieve the most success in my pursuit of financial abundance at this time?

3: Near-term outlook to prepare for

Although you most likely already know what you need more money for in your life, this spread can help you direct your energies to the areas that most warrant attention. Rather than efforts that constantly pinpoint where you are experiencing a “lack” (and thus reinforcing the current state of mind), you can direct your efforts into areas that will naturally promote success that you can build upon. Then, with the near-term outlook, you can assess the likely outcome of your efforts and adjust your practice accordingly, especially if the outlook is unfavorable to what you’re shooting for.

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