Hi, I’m Shelley.

I discovered the mystery and beauty of the Tarot in 2001. Since then, I’ve continued to deepen my knowledge regarding the cards, and I am constantly amazed at their usefulness as a tool to help in self-discovery, personal growth, and information for making choices in life.

For a quick overview of my philosophy on tarot and why I love doing this work, click here.

Making a difference

After graduating from Northern Arizona University, I started my career at age 21 as an advertising copywriter in Phoenix, Arizona, and then moved into marketing and graphic design. However, I quickly realized that the corporate lifestyle wasn’t for me. I also realized that I wanted my work to make a difference in people’s lives. I wanted to help others find meaning, guidance, and above all, the ability to make empowered decisions and create their own destiny rather than seeing life as a series of things that simply happen to them.

Along the way, I moved to Rome, Italy; embarked on a relationship with a Roman that eventually involved marriage and having three kids; moved back to the U.S. with said Roman and first child to the Seattle area where I’m originally from; completed 2/3 of a Master of Social Work degree at University of Washington; got divorced after ten years together; moved back to Rome; became a working single mom; and continued to feel the deep desire to make my work a jumping off point for helping others.

Tarot as a tool in my own life

As I was navigating very difficult personal waters of my own, I re-engaged tarot as a tool for helping me to find grounding, balance, and information for making choices. In 2013 I decided to start reading for others, to share this valuable tool. The feedback was amazing. I opened my own online business. Sparrow Tarot was born.

For the first 12 years of my tarot practice, I was self-taught and read only for myself and the occasional friend or family member. A deep, personal, daily, journaled practice is the most valuable tool for a great reader, in my opinion.

Mentors, teachers, and friends

As I embarked on my tarot consulting practice with the public, I began to meet and engage with many wonderful colleagues and mentors. I have studied personally with Marseilles Tarot expert and New York-based poet Enrique Enriquez, and I was hand-picked by Brigit Esselmont to become one of only three Endorsed Readers at Biddy Tarot. I am also blessed to count as mentors, colleagues and friends Sherry and Joanna at Biddy Tarot, James Wells at Circle Ways, Andrew McGregor at The Hermit’s Lamp, Camelia Elias at Taroflexions, Spike at Spike Tarot, Donna Hazel at Tarotdon Tarot, Miguel Marquez and Paulinnhhoo at Maelstrom Tarot, and  I have learned so much from these magical friends, and many others.

My approach

When I perform a reading, my objective is to accurately and compassionately narrate for my client their own personal road map shown by the cards. I write a comprehensive narrative that digs deep into the heart of the matter that my client is seeking guidance on. I give explanations, metaphor, food for thought, words of caution or “red flags” where appropriate, but my readings are maps, offering guidance and choice, not directions that tell my clients what to do.

My tarot road maps, customized to each client, give ideas, insight, and usually a great deal of clarity and oftentimes hope or relief as well, because they enable my clients to get back into the active driver’s seat of their situation rather than feeling like a victim of chance or circumstance. I don’t seek to embellish, predict, or imbue the cards with vague notions based on unverifiable “mystic” sources, although I do deeply honor the mystery inherent in the ability of 78 cards to come together to provide a powerful message and guidance for my clients, with my careful and compassionate interpretation.

I invite you to enjoy exploring my site and to explore the evolution of my thoughts on this craft.

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