Ace of Pentacles

From The Sparrow Tarot Companion newsletter, Issue 2, September 22, 2014:

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This card was drawn as an answer to the question: “What do I need to know at this time?”

Something about the aces is that they always represent a very first step, almost like the bud that hasn’t yet blossomed on a flower, or a little tree sapling that has just sprouted and needs lots of care and nurturing in order to grow strong. So, that being said, focus on the seed here rather than the overall huge picture. Remember that the entire tree is contained within the seed, and that the tree grows on its own so long as it has the necessary care and nurturing. By that I mean, focus on the small steps you need to take in order to make progress in the real world, without getting overwhelmed by the whole road at once.

What you need to know at this time is that there is the opportunity for new financial growth. This opportunity could manifest itself in a variety of ways: perhaps a new work project, a chance meeting with an entrepreneur, an unexpected bit of cash from somewhere, or the chance to make money on a hobby. There are any number of ways that this opportunity for financial growth and material stability could manifest because of the fact that it is just that: an opportunity.

That being said, what you need to know right now is that you should keep your eyes open for opportunities to grow and nurture material resources in your life, and be ready to take the opportunity you are presented with and “water” it so that it can grow. Trust that the opportunities will present themselves and then be ready to cultivate them.

Robyn’s response to her reading:

So true. I am working on this.
I need a new journey. I am ready to walk thru the gate!
This reading was very helpful. I was in a hopeless place and now I have hope that what I am doing can lead to a financial gain that I need. Thank you!!

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