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Are you ready to experience the insight and self-empowerment that the tarot can bring to your situation? I look forward to sharing this art of inner knowing with you and working to help you access your highest potential!

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Each reading is delivered via email in PDF format, with full-color images of each card and a detailed explanation not only of your particular cards but also how they work together in the context of your specific question.

Each reading is custom-designed and based on my years of experience reading for hundreds of private clients both in my private practice and during my years as one of just three hand-picked readers at Biddy Tarot, an online tarot learning and reading hub with over 200,000 unique visitors per month.

One Question $25

This reading is perfect if you have a straightforward question that needs a succinct answer or information.

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Two or Three Questions $50

In this reading we can go into a bit more detail surrounding a particular situation, or address two to three different questions.

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In-Depth Reading: $100

In this in-depth reading, we’ll go deep to look at a particular situation in your life from many different angles and you’ll get lots of food for thought, practical information and ideas for taking action.

This reading will give you an empowered view of your situation that will allow you to move forward with a sense of confidence that you do have options and choices in your life and the challenges that you’re facing.

I will custom-design a 10-card spread to address each particular of what you hope to gain insight about, and we’ll agree on the design together before I move forward with your reading, so that you know you’ll get insights on the very aspects that are troubling you, confusing you, or causing you worry, doubt, regret, or any number of emotions that you may feel powerless to change.

This in-depth reading will give you information, provide you with choices and options, perhaps confirmation, and often brings much-needed hope as well, to help you face the road ahead.

To book your reading just click the “buy now” button below and then I’ll follow up with an email so that we can plan your reading together.

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Year-Ahead Forecast: Two Tarot Readings + I Ching Oracle $150

This reading is a fantastic birthday gift to yourself or someone else, or a nice way to start the New Year.

It’s two tarot readings: a 3-card reading for overall themes of your upcoming year, with the Marseille tarot, a 1700s-era deck that I learned by personal study with Marseilles tarot expert Enrique Enriquez; and a 10-card custom-designed spread using the 1910 Rider-Waite-Smith tarot to examine issues and areas in your life coming up over the next 12 months (as in the in-depth reading above). Generally it looks at work, love, and your path overall.

In addition to the in-depth 10-card reading, this reading also includes one question for the I Ching oracle. The I Ching, also known as the Book of Changes, is an ancient Chinese divinatory text and oracular system that responds with refreshing clarity, wisdom, and accuracy on how to face situations, decisions, and life circumstances. (For more information on the I Ching system, please visit one of my favorite experts, Hilary Barrett.)

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