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The Castle of Crossed Destinies – The Beehive, Rome, Italy
Saturday, February 24, 2018 – 6 pm

€10 – space extremely limited – reservation required
No refunds, but reservation is transferable if you cannot attend

[Booking closed]

a magical experiment in semiotic storytelling
based on the speculative fiction of Italo Calvino


A circle of people. A deck of cards. A world of stories.

Join professional tarot reader Shelley Ruelle to hear a story told at the crossroads between you and the Universe.

This event has a very limited number of spaces – once the limit is reached, a waiting list will be made available.

In a small, intimate group setting, Shelley will introduce the Italo Calvino novel The Castle of Crossed Destinies, using this work of speculative fiction as a jumping-off point for a unique experience in semiotic storytelling – with the 78-card tarot pack put to use the way Calvino described it, as “a machine for constructing stories.”

Without having to reveal any particulars of their situation, participants will be given a range of options for framing their own random draw of three cards, which will generate their narrative.

Shelley will then tell each participant’s story in an interactive way, eliciting information and feedback from the participant to reveal an imaginary solution to the inner question.

Join us for a magical experience unlike anything else.

Cost: €10 covers reservation and drink (red and white wine). No refunds, but reservation can be transferred if you are unable to attend.