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Learning Tarot

This is a free online self-paced course. This is the way I learned tarot back in the very beginning (although I used the book version). I love Joan’s key words and empowering approach to the cards.

Tarot Foundations is a self-described tarot learning ‘hub’ with online Tarot courses, masterclasses, tarot guides and more, powered by Biddy Tarot. Biddy Tarot is the main site of Brigit Esselmont, a tarot reader, mentor, and coach who has been practicing tarot for 15 years. Brigit was the tarot business coaching catalyst who gave me the positive push to “go pro” with tarot after 12 years of work with tarot.

  • Learn the Tarot de Marseille – Enrique Enriquez (email: enrique.eenriquez -at- gmail -dot- com)

Enrique has been my personal teacher for learning the optical language of the Tarot de Marseille. He uses a mixture of poetry, wordplay, and metaphor to teach this language. I highly recommend Enrique for more advanced readers who are looking to hone their skills, do away with new-age gobbledygook in their readings, and get to the heart of the value of the tarot as a contemplative practice. For more information about Enrique and his approach, please see these links:

My interview with Enrique where he talks about his latest book, Linguistick

To explore some of Enrique’s writing about the Tarot de Marseille and wordplay:

Embodied Tarot. When Medieval Draftsmanship Mirrors Cognitive Science

Notes on the Use of Indirect Suggestion in Tarot Readings

Whispering to the Eye

The Joy of Wordplay

Peeking Through the Bars of Tarot’s Occult Prison

The Excellence of the Marseille Tarot

As well as some other sources of his storytelling and experiences:

Enrique Enriquez, a Portrait and a Story, by Fabrizio Chiesa

Brief Interview with Time Out New York

Enrique also starred in the world’s first feature-length documentary about the Tarot de Marseille,Tarology. It can be purchased in DVD format here, or you can watch it instantly for just $1.99 through Amazon Instant Video by clicking here.

“You can only find what you are not looking for if you take a detour.” -EE

Theresa offers classes and personal mentoring for your tarot business with gangsta rap-inspired lingo and a down-to-earth, no-nonsense approach. She’s specialized in helping metaphysical professionals maximize their earning potential.

Described as the largest professional tarot organization in the world, Tarosophy offers a wide variety of courses, from introductory courses, self-study ebook series, certificate and diploma courses, and even a two year degree-style program called Hekademia.

Founded in 1995 “as a place to get an ongoing education in tarot,” The Tarot School offers classes, correspondence courses, audio courses, teleclasses, degree programs, as well as private coaching.

A popular and free tarot podcast, as well as a listing of other online free resources and courses that Donnaleigh has collected here on her site.

Tarot Associations and Organizations

Online Tarot Forums

Established in 2000, there are now over 20,000 members in this free online community who have made over 3 million posts.

Membership in this self-described social network for tarot is included in Tarot Professionals membership, or available by monthly memberships.

Professional Conferences and Conventions

  • The Readers Studio (The Tarot School, annual, NYC, 3 days, April)
  • TarotCon (Tarosophy, annual, Australia, 2 days, March; UK, 2 days, September; USA-Texas, 2 days, October)
  • SF BATS (Daughters of Divination, annual, San Francisco, CA, 2 days, August)

Tarot Books, Decks and Products