Here are just a few of the enthusiastic responses I’ve received from clients after their readings:
“Shelley gave me a wonderful reading! She doesn’t just read the cards. She has the ability to weave a story from the cards and it was very helpful to me. Shelley answered all my questions and through her reading, I went from being very confused to being able to see my situation clearly. I was also given the guidance I needed to move forward. I would highly recommend a reading with Shelley to anyone who is not only looking for answers, but the story behind the answers.” —Tracy

Wow! It was an amazing experience. She actually took the time to come out with a layout best suited for what I wanted to know, paid attention to what I said and used it to help interpret, and best of all went into great detail, and then gave a good sum-up of what the card meant, (great for when people have a hard time reading between the lines). I must admit I figured it would be another site that said here’s your cards, have fun, but no. She gave great insight on each one. It told me what I needed to know as far as if I should continue about what I was doing and how I should go about it. It was a wonderful reading and very informative, I will definitely be back.

Shelley’s reading gave me a very positive impression. Her explanation of the card meanings was very clear and helpful. Sometimes you get vague information that you can’t really apply to your situation, but Shelley was actually quite accurate. I was amazed at how well her reading corresponded with what’s happening in my life.

I loved the way Shelley made my own spread for me based on my unique situation. I loved how she applied the cards and their meanings back to my questions – she was specific to the situation without saying things will or won’t happen, etc. She provided the right amount of information to help guide a change or a decision. She wrote very personally which is lovely. I can tell that she cares very much about what she does. I also liked how she overviewed and summarised and that is really good to tie the deeper meanings back to the question.

“Shelley was professional, letting me know when to expect my reading and inquiring as to my expectations. . . .What I received met any and all expectations. Shelley is a beautiful storyteller. Her reading is detailed and enlightening. She has helped me gain perspective and meaning to the cards and how they apply to my life, yet always reminded me that my thoughts, decisions and actions play the biggest role of all. I also appreciate how she uses different decks and forms of divination — always crediting and explaining these areas. Her reading was positive and informative, and I shall return to her in the future.” —Patricia

I found the reading to be very thorough and clear. It was really interesting to read the meanings of each card in relation to their position, and to be able to connect it to my situation. It made a lot of sense and gives me a lot to think about. I think the reading was quite accurate in relating to me at a personal level.

Thank you so much for such a fast response and a lovely reading. It was really detailed and I loved that you didn’t just give me a dry description of the cards but interpreted them in relation to my question. I can definitely relate to the cards plus the reading will serve as great advice. You are a very talented tarot reader and with this reading you’ve given me so much to look forward to.

Shelley thank you very much for my reading. I don’t know what to say. You were spot on with every detail. I could not believe it.

The reading that you gave was very detailed explaining each card very properly. Thanks for advising me about how should I approach the relation with the person whom I like.

I think you gave me a fantastic reading. You sound very kind, gentle and caring. You seem to have a good mastery over the meanings of the various cards as some of the cards that I got in this reading can be a little confusing. Thank you so much for your uplifting reading.

You went to the heart of the matter. You outlined the situation in its essence, and that was good because now I feel I have a better foundation to deal with the situation. Thank you!

You were on the spot and answered very fast to my request. You have given some good advice and I really feel that you have some special abilities!

Your reading is very good, this is me …really true, now I hope for strength and good health to be able to reach my goal! I will recommend you to all who might ask about your skills!